What is the meaning of an infinity ring?

The infinity ring has long been used as a token to express the promise of a lifetime commitment in a romantic relationship. At the root of the Latin word for infinity, ‘infinitas’ is the simple meaning of something that never ceases to exist. Couples wishing to celebrate their unbreakable bond or to mark their commitment to each other may opt for infinity rings. The infinity ring is associated with this love, which is why it’s a very meaningful type of jewellery to give. 

The significance of infinity rings:

The concept of infinity is relevant to couples, especially those who are ready to enter a lifetime of commitment through marriage. Infinity rings are a popular choice for engaged couples as their visual representation signifies being together forever. With this meaning in mind, it can be easy to confuse infinity rings with eternity rings. A key difference lies in the design detail of the rings. An eternity ring features a band encircled with an unbroken line of same-size cut diamonds (or gemstone of choice) while an infinity ring incorporates the infinity symbol into its design and may or may not feature precious stones, depending on the style.

The unique design of infinity rings:

Infinity bands display the infinity symbol, which is a horizontal figure eight. This symbol takes centre stage at the heart of the ring’s design. It’s this unique characteristic that sets it apart from other types of rings. It’s a continuous loop that has no end, making it a fitting symbol for deep abiding love and commitment throughout a lifetime.

There are a great variety of infinity ring styles. Some feature an engraved infinity symbol onto the band, whilst others consist of an entire band represented by the horizontal figure eight that wraps around the finger. Other rings are adorned with infinity symbols made from diamonds or gemstones.


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