Ethical Sourcing of Diamonds

Bevilles have a Specialised Diamond Department within our Head Office which comprises of 2 divisions; the 'Loose Diamond' sector and the 'Diamond Jewellery' sector. The Department maintains partnerships with some of the world's leading diamond suppliers, and our highly skilled staff travel overseas regularly to carefully select the exquisite diamond gemstones you see in Bevilles extensive range.

Bevilles complies with the Kimberly Process; an initiative designed to stem the flow of conflict diamonds. The Kimberley Process is an industry-wide, global effort to eradicate illegal diamonds entering the market. Every diamond we purchase comes with a statement from our suppliers declaring that the diamond gemstones have been sourced from legitimate, ethical and environmentally responsible sources.

Bevilles customers can feel extremely confident that Bevilles are making every effort to retail diamond gemstones obtained from ethical sources.