Gemstone Rings

Our gemstone rings encompass both fashion and investment, make perfect gifts, and are great for refreshing your look or creating a new style.


Our gemstone jewellery range includes sapphire rings and the popular Australian Sapphire which is cherished for its unique hue of blue.


Browse the Bevilles range for rubies, emeralds, sapphires, jade, coloured diamonds, citrines, rose quartz and more.

Vivid Gemstone Rings Available Online at Bevilles

Gemstone rings are a wonderful way to express yourself, whether you want to stand out with a large gemstone or go for a subtle gemstone flourish. And our gemstones are carefully crafted into stunning sapphire rings, emerald rings, aquamarine rings, morganite rings, ruby rings, amethyst rings, moonstone rings, peridot rings and more.


These quality gemstones are then set in various precious metals including yellow gold, rose gold and sterling silver. This helps us create a wide selection of unique gemstone ring styles, which you’ll love adding to any jewellery collection.


Take a look at our classic Ring Design featuring Blue Sapphire and Diamonds – the perfect combination of beauty, style and elegance.


From small everyday rings to intricate diamond-encrusted statement pieces, our Sapphire engagement ring is designed for all occasions.


Shop Sapphire Diamond Ring online now at Bevilles - where you will find the best choices for Engagement Rings.

Find Your Birthstone in Our Gemstone Rings Collection

Quality and distinction shine through in our well-crafted range of natural birthstone rings. Get that gemstone-loving fashionista their rare and unique birthstone or get yourself a symbolic treat. The vivid colours make gemstone rings a great, meaningful gift for a friend or family member.


Our exquisite collection can also be used as gemstone engagement rings.


Whether you're looking for a bigger stone for your money or are keen to add colour and originality to your proposal, a gemstone engagement ring is the answer.


For a classic two-stone set, we recommend our Sapphire Set. The Diamonds and Sapphires are combined to create an eye-catching and timeless ring. Outstanding quality, a great choice for any special occasion.


Be inspired and choose from a range of bold and beautiful ruby engagement ring.


Whether you opt for a rubellite tourmaline, morganite and ruby ring or a traditional ruby and diamond ring, our selection is sure to have something special.


Shop Bevilles for Gemstone Rings in Australia

Bevilles has been sourcing the finest, ethically sourced gems and crafting incredibly stunning, high-quality rings for Australians since 1934. Get in touch with one of our specialist rings advisors online.


We offer the best gold, diamonds and gold-created ruby stones in Melbourne. Our range of gemstone rings will help you find something truly unique and special that you can treasure for years to come.


Shop our gemstone rings collection now and receive free shipping for over $100 Australia-wide!