The exclusive range of man made diamonds from Bevilles

The Meera collection offers an exclusive range of jewellery made from lab grown diamonds, promising to leave its wearer feeling like a million dollars. Consisting of an assembly of incredible man made diamonds, each piece of jewellery tells its own special story. From stunning stud earrings set in delicate flower claws to exquisite pear shape designs and stunning heart shaped necklaces, our range has something to suit every unique taste and personality.

When it comes to the Meera Collection, it’s the finer details that matter, and each intricate design promises to deliver a timeless elegance, every time. From extravagant halo rings in white gold to dainty yellow gold bracelets featuring fancy swirl links, our superior quality stones and jewellery were made for those that love a little sparkle. With outstanding quality and attractive prices on offer, this beautiful collection is simply glimmering with irreplaceable pieces you’ll love forever.

What are Lab-Grown Diamonds

The master jewellers at Bevilles have achieved perfection with this range of lab created diamonds, for women with class and style across Australia. A lab-grown diamond (or man made diamonds) differ from diamonds naturally grown in their origin because they are created using cutting-edge technology in a laboratory.Displaying the same physical, chemical and even the most outstanding of optical characteristics, are selection of lab created diamonds are grown from small carbon seeds of pre-existing diamonds.

Using cutting-edge technology inclusive of either extreme heat, pressure or a deposition process known as CVD, we are able to mimic the natural process of diamond formation. The demand for lab-grown diamonds in Australia continues to rise. Since the creation process is so similar to that of natural diamonds - except one grows in a lab - the result a beautiful diamond that meets the same standards, grades and certifications as a mined diamond.

Enjoy the true Bevilles experience

Make Bevilles your go-to for every special occasion. Whether you’re looking to take the next step in the chapter of your life with a beautiful diamond ring, or you’re simply letting someone know you care, we’ve got you covered. Visit us at one of our stores based in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, or simply browse our range of precious diamond necklaces, delicate diamond earrings and shimmering diamond bracelets online.

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