Picking the right wedding anniversary gifts by year

Since the Middle Ages, there have been traditional wedding anniversary gifts given depending on the year. These typically increase in value to represent a couple’s marriage strengthening over time. 

They also have added symbolism. For example, the first year anniversary gift is paper, which represents the delicate infant stages of the marriage, as well as the blank page on which to grow. Gold is often given on 50th wedding anniversaries to represent the prosperity and significance of the marriage. 

Wedding anniversary gifts are normally given between the couple, but family and friends also celebrate anniversaries with gifts, especially on significant dates, such as the 10th, 20th anniversary etc.. 

These days, modern themes have replaced some of the antiquated traditional gifts. Each anniversary year also features a gemstone, meaning you can gift that beautiful gemstone combined with or instead of the traditional or modern gift. 

Some wedding gifts have well-established connections that are common across many nations and cultures. The 5th year is largely associated with wooden pieces, 10th with diamond jewellery, 20th with fine china, 25th with silver jewellery, 30th with pearls, 40th with rubies, 50th with gold and the 60th with diamonds. 

Here’s a detailed rundown of wedding anniversary gifts by key years: 

1st year: traditional gift - paper; modern gift - clocks; gemstone - gold

2nd year: traditional gift - cotton; modern gift - china; gemstone - garnet

3rd year: traditional gift - leather; modern gift - glass; gemstone - pearl

4th year: traditional gift - linen/silk (UK) or fruit/flowers (US); modern gift - electrical appliances; gemstone - blue topaz 

5th year: traditional gift - wood; modern gift - silverware; gemstone - sapphire or pink tourmaline

6th year: traditional gift - confectionery (UK) or iron (US); modern gift - wood; gemstone - amethyst 

7th year: traditional gift - wool (UK) or copper (US); modern gift - brass or desk sets; gemstone - onyx

8th year: traditional gift - bronze; modern gift - linen or lace; gemstone - tourmaline

9th year: traditional gift - copper (UK) or pottery (US); modern gift - leather; gemstone - lapis lazuli 

10th year: traditional gift - tin/aluminium; modern gift - diamond jewellery; gemstone - diamond

15th year: traditional gift - crystal; modern gift - watches; gemstone - ruby

20th year: traditional gift - china; modern gift - platinum; gemstone - emerald

25th year: traditional and modern gift - any silver related jewellery

30th year: traditional gift - pearl; modern gift - diamond; gemstone - pearl or diamond

40th year: traditional and modern gift - jade; gemstone - emerald

50th year: traditional and modern gift - gold

60th year: traditional and modern gift - diamond

Other anniversary years that involve jewellery include fashion jewellery on the 11th year, pearls as a 12th year anniversary gift option, gold jewellery on the 14th year, silver on the 16th year, and many more. 

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