Citizen Watches

When you're in search of watches that make a statement, Citizen is the brand to turn to! These timeless pieces are both stylish and highly reliable tech-savvy creations.


If you want premium quality that stands out from the rest don't miss Bevilles' range of men's and women's Citizen watches - shop now for your perfect match!

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Available in a range of models and styles, Citizen watches have been an innovative and elegant watch choice since 1918. From their humble beginnings, Citizen has become a global leader in high-quality, reliable and trusted watches.


Part of this success is due to their ethos that, as citizens of the world, they have a responsibility to help cultivate a culture of positive change and ongoing evolution through their craft and to promote a global mindset that fosters excellence and creativity. This is reflected in the diverse range of Citizen watches we feature at Bevilles.


Choose from citizen dive watch and diver watch, featuring water resistance up to 200 metres, super titanium technology, solar power, and a super slim case size.


Or maybe you'll opt for the Promaster watches, with its sapphire glass and sapphire crystal for superior scratch resistance.


With Citizen watches, you'll always find the perfect choice for a special occasion, or to treat yourself to something extra special.

Now’s the Time to Get a Superb Citizen Watch

The latest selection of Citizen watches offers on-trend designs with high-tech features, stunning craftsmanship and intricate detailing. A great example is the eco-friendly Citizen Eco-Drive, the world's first light-powered analogue quartz watches, which use light to power it.


Another great option is the Citizen Promaster. Whether you prefer deep sea diving, extreme hiking or flying, this high-performance sports watch is tailor-made to be your ideal companion on your next adventurous challenge.

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Since 1934, Bevilles has been sourcing the finest, well constructed and affordable jewellery and watches. This includes some of the world’s leading watch brands, such as Olivia Burton and Seiko, as well as Citizen-owned Bulova watches.


If you’re looking for inspiration, we invite you to visit one of our stores across Australia, where our friendly team will be happy to help you find the perfect piece. Or get your new Citizen watch online now and get free shipping for over $80 Australia-wide.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Makes Citizen Watches Special?

Citizen Watches are known for their unique combination of style, quality and reliability. From their beginnings in 1918, Citizen has continued to strive for excellence in every aspect of their watchmaking.


Each Citizen timepiece is crafted with precision and attention to detail, utilizing advanced technologies and innovative materials to ensure accuracy and durability.

Is Citizen a Luxury Watch?

Citizen watches are known for their superior quality, reliable craftsmanship and timeless designs.


But is Citizen a luxury watch?


While it is true that Citizen offers many high-end timepieces with exquisite details and luxurious materials, the brand also produces more affordable options which still offer exceptional quality.


Whether you’re looking for an everyday watch or something special to mark a milestone occasion, Citizen has something to suit your style and budget.

Are Bulova and Citizen the Same?

Bulova and Citizen are both renowned watch brands with a long history of reliable craftsmanship, but they are not the same. While Bulova is owned by Citizen, each brand has its own unique style and features.


The two companies have been collaborating since 2008 to create innovative designs that combine the best of their respective technologies and materials. So while there may be similarities between some models from each brand, you can rest assured knowing that when you choose either a Bulova or Citizen watch, you’ll get the quality and performance you expect from these world-renowned timepiece makers.