4 Great Gifts for Groomsmen!

Your groomsmen do a lot for you leading up to your wedding day, so it’s only right that you give them something special as a token of thanks for performing such an important role in your wedding party. While there’s a whole host of presents you could gift them, jewellery remains a timeless option that can be personalised and made more meaningful. Not sure what type of jewellery to gift your groomsmen? Here are 4 incredible gift ideas.

Men’s Watches

A quality timepiece acts as both a symbol of style as well as a functional way to tell the time. When it comes to giving one as a gift, there are watches for every taste and style. Choose a watch that fits the personality of each groomsman. The active sports enthusiast may appreciate a Casio G-Shock Watch model, while brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Daniel Wellington may suit a corporate professional.

Men’s Rings

Rings are great gifts for any groomsman, and they come in a diverse array of styles, metals and gemstone choices. They frequently feature sleek designs and masculine metals such as Tungsten, as well as others including Stainless Steel and Yellow Gold. For the more fashion-conscious groomsmen, there are also ring options featuring gemstones and symbolic detailing.

Stainless Steel Bracelets

Like rings, bracelets are items that can easily be included in any man’s wardrobe, regardless of their sense of fashion. The designs of popular bracelets frequently feature stainless steel as the material of choice. Finding the perfect design is easy with so many different types to choose from, and it provides a more cost-effective, affordable option if you're on a budget.

Personalised Dog Tags

Dog tags are hands down the easiest type of jewellery to personalise, and this option works well when you have a large group of groomsmen in your wedding party. Personalised tags can be engraved with individual names of each groomsman. On the reverse, you could have the date of your wedding engraved so they’ll never forget your special day.


Instead of giving your groomsmen a gift that won’t last, why not give them something that demonstrates your appreciation as they assist you in making a lifetime commitment? It is a fail-safe choice thanks to an ever-increasing range of jewellery targeted for men.

Need more inspiration what to gift your groomsmen? Check out our Gifts for Men Guide or visit your nearest Bevilles store today for face-to-face support.

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