Top 5 Jewellery Graduation Gifts

Be it high school, university, or even just getting your driver’s license, graduating is a significant achievement that should be celebrated.

And jewellery is an ideal choice to mark the magnitude of any significant graduating milestone. This is because jewellery is not only timeless and functional but because it also offers long-lasting sentimental value that can be treasured forever.

So give your loved one a jewellery gift to celebrate their upcoming graduation, and bid them success in their next chapter with a dazzling, unique piece of jewellery.

But choosing which particular jewellery to get can be difficult, so to help you find the perfect piece, here are our 5 top graduation gift ideas to consider:

Our Top 5 Jewellery Graduation Gift Ideas

  1. A necklace
    A necklace symbolises protection, consideration, caring, and devotion, and helps the wearer feel beautiful and happy whenever they wear it. As such, necklaces make great graduation gifts, no matter the age or gender of the graduate.

    A locket or heart-shaped pendant can be particularly memorable, and you can even put a keepsake photograph inside for added sentiment, great for if they're moving away. Our sterling silver cubic zirconia heart locket necklace offers a beautiful design that will complement any style and be sure to awaken your loved one’s identity.

    If you’re unsure about which necklace to get, we recommend sticking to classic pieces that are both stylish and functional. This way, the recipient can proudly wear it every day to work, interviews and social events. This silver miracle halo diamond necklace is one example.

  2. A ring
    Nothing says ‘I’m proud of you’ quite like a ring, which can act as a gorgeous reminder of your special graduate’s special day forever.

    A classic gold ring or silver ring will make an excellent graduation gift, as will a stunning diamond ring. Whichever ring style you go with, make sure you consider personalising it with a special message, initials, or date engraved on it for a ring they’re sure to keep forever.

    Because you want this graduation gift ring to be a timely reminder of a hard-won achievement, you should also ensure it’s good quality and durable. Here at Bevilles, we’ve been delivering high quality, stylish men’s rings and women’s rings for over 80 years, so you can always rest assured.

  3. A bracelet

    Bracelets are a truly breathtaking form of jewellery. They have been an important part of human life for millennia, with various cultures wearing them as symbols of power, faith, tradition, prosperity, luck, and for other important reasons.

    Give your grad the gift of good fortune as they make their mark on the world. This men's stainless steel bracelet is perfect alongside some sleek corporate attire, as is this rose gold bracelet for women.

  4. A watch

    Graduation is an important occasion in a person's life, which represents the end of one era and the beginning of another. By serving as wearable ways to celebrate such a momentous milestone, watches make perfect graduation gifts.

    Functional and timelessly stylish, both male and female graduates will appreciate a watch as a celebratory graduation gift. Different watches will suit different professions. For corporate graduates, make a formal statement. In more hands-on occupations, choose a watch that’s practical and durable.

    Treat your loved one to a graduation gift they’ll remember forever with a watch from our leading range. At Bevilles, we’re proud to stock so many amazing watches from the world’s finest watch brands, such as Michael Kors, Citizen, Tommy Hilfiger, Fossil, and so many more.

  5. Gift cards

    Being a leading jeweller in Australia, we see our fair share of exchanges from gift recipients who aren’t quite as happy with their gift as, say, another of our dazzling jewellery pieces. So we’re big advocates of gift cards, which give your loved one the freedom to choose. Ours are valid for a whole 3 years from the issued date.

    And don’t forget to personalise your graduation jewellery!

    Make your jewellery gift even more personal by engraving a special, meaningful message, date or initial on it.

    For personalisation ready jewellery, make sure you also check out our personalised jewellery range, which includes necklaces and pendants, bracelets, and rings in stunning gold, silver and stainless steel settings.

    From custom rings with birthstones to dazzling sterling silver name bracelets, our selection caters to everyone. Browse these classic, glamorous and versatile pieces today.

    Remember to shop at Bevilles, Australia’s trusted jeweller, the next time you need to find a graduation gift, or any other gift, for a loved one. We have a wide range of jewellery that makes buying gifts easy and offer a fast and convenient delivery service throughout Australia.

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