Take Your Partner’s Breath Away with a Gold Engagement Ring or Wedding Band

Bevilles has a stunning range of diamond-encrusted gold engagement rings that aim to be as special as the moment. Choose one of our carefully crafted gold rings with dazzling diamonds, such as a yellow gold pear-shaped diamond ring.

You’ll also find such elegantly designed gold wedding rings at Bevilles that’ll ensure you start married life in style. Our wide range of solitaire diamond wedding bands in white gold are a stunning starting point.

Gold Rings in Classic & On-Trend Styles Available Here

No matter if your style is classic, modern or in between, we've got a yellow gold, white gold or rose gold ring to suit you. Get an elegant gold eternity ring that expresses your personality or for a loved one for that special anniversary or landmark occasion.

Our gold fashion rings are adorned with precious stones and diamonds that radiate colour and style. They’re available in so many ring settings, stone types and metal types making it easy to find the perfect gold ring for your ensemble.

Explore Gold Rings in Australia at Bevilles

Since 1934, Bevilles has been sourcing the finest, ethically sourced gems and crafting stunning, high quality gold rings, silver rings and diamond rings in Australia, all at attractive prices.

If you’re looking for inspiration, visit one of our stores across Australia, where our rings experts will be happy to help you find the perfect piece. Or shop our gold rings now and receive free shipping over $100 Australia-wide.

Gold Rings FAQs

How does 9ct vs 18ct Gold compare for longevity/durability?

Gold is measured in ‘carats’. This considers the purity of gold alloyed with other metals. 24 carat is pure gold, but this is too fragile to wear. 

18 carat gold rings contain 75% gold and 25% other metals, often copper or silver. It appears brighter and more radiant, which makes it valuable, and is commonly used in luxury pieces, such as premium engagement rings. But it is also generally softer than gold with fewer carats. 

9ct gold rings are more common and popular. It has a lighter colour, and is usually more affordable and durable, making it a great everyday staple. But while 9ct gold is technically harder than 18ct gold, this doesn't always mean it's more resilient. 

9ct gold may well be less resistant to knocks and scratches, and over time, 18ct gold that is well maintained can last better than 9ct gold. Learn more about the caratage of gold, including 9ct gold rings, 14ct gold rings, and 18ct gold rings here. 

How do you store gold rings?

Keep your gold rings in tip top shape using a soft, high quality jewellery box. Alternatively, keep them in some soft lined pouches. Even tissue paper will suffice. The key is to ensure that your gold rings and all your other jewellery is kept separated. This prevents your treasured pieces from getting scratched or bunched up.

While gold is fairly durable, it can still degrade when exposed to things like soap, cleaning products, cosmetics, and chlorine, to name a few. Like many things, it’s best to keep your gold rings away from too much direct sunlight and moisture too. 

What are the most popular styles of gold rings?

The short answer is that it depends on your personal style! Gold rings are a question of taste, and really, only you know what you like. It also depends on the occasion. Your perfect gold engagement ring may be different from your perfect day-to-day, stylish gold ring. 

But if you’re looking for a true classic gold ring, we suggest a timeless diamond solitaire ring in yellow or white gold, such as this 18ct 1/2ct diamond solitaire ring. Or if you want a truly on-trend ring style, it’s hard to look past a pear-shaped diamond encrusted ring, like this double halo pear 9ct gold ring with 0.3ct diamonds.