Laboratory Grown Diamonds vs Earth Mined Diamonds

Laboratory Grown Diamonds vs Earth Mined Diamonds

Diamonds are supposedly a girl’s best friend, and there’s no reason why laboratory grown diamonds can’t be either.

In fact, today laboratory grown diamonds  are found set into incredibly beautiful jewellery pieces that have just as much wow factor as au natural precious stones. From gorgeous necklaces to stunning bracelets and standout earrings, there’s not a piece of jewellery that a laboratory grown diamonds  can’t be turned into – and you’d never notice the difference!

Of course, whether you go for a Laboratory Grown Diamond or the real thing, every precious stone and piece of jewellery is just incredible as the next one! And while the benefits of Laboratory Grown Diamonds are pretty amazing, there’s a reason why people still go for natural diamonds. Precious, rare, and mysterious, we’re yet to discover something more romantic than a sparkling diamond that has been around for billions of years. 

So, if you’re in the process of choosing between a Laboratory Grown Diamond or a real diamond grown in the earth, keep scrolling. We’re here to make your decision an informed one. 

What is a Laboratory Grown Diamond? 

To put it simply, laboratory grown diamonds are manufactured by people instead of mined from the earth. Laboratory grown diamonds are manufactured in labs and are created under conditions that mimic the natural diamond-forming process. Not only do they look exactly like natural diamonds, but they’re chemically identical too.  So, is a laboratory grown diamond fake? Nope! They have exactly the same chemical and visual properties as natural grown diamonds, and were recognised by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) as real in 2018. The differences lie in the cost, rarity and value. 


Laboratory grown diamonds  are notably ‘kinder’ to the bank balance than natural diamonds. Since state-of-the-art technology is used to create laboratory grown diamonds, you’re effectively gaining the beauty and the properties of natural diamonds, at a more affordable price point. Looking for a coloured diamond? You’re in luck! Since coloured natural diamonds are extremely rare, they may sell for inflated prices. If you’re looking for something stand-out and special without the costly price tag, you can always turn to laboratory grown diamonds  as they are currently around 30%-50% of the price of a natural diamond. 


Diamonds are forever, especially when it comes to your engagement or wedding ring. Choosing the right diamond for your engagement ring can be a difficult decision, and for most, a pretty significant financial responsibility. The ‘rock’ that everyone wants to see displayed proudly on the ring finger in an Instagram photo with a caption reading “she said yes!” While the romance and magic of being proposed to with a real diamond ring is indescribable, now more than ever, people are turning to laboratory grown diamonds instead. This way, you can still find the ring of your dreams at a more affordable price, and have some dollars left over! That means more money for the big day itself – from booking the venue and catering to the all-important dress. But that’s just the short term! Think honeymooning, buying your dream home and renovating!


Since laboratory grown diamonds  are made under extremely controlled conditions in a laboratory, they have less defects than natural diamonds. Purer than the precious stones that are mined naturally, laboratory grown diamonds  actually don’t have dirt or impurities ingrained in them at all. So, what does that mean for your piece of jewellery? Superior purity means that your diamond is going to appear much brighter, clearer and even more sparkling than you could ever imagine!  In fact, laboratory grown diamonds have been known to receive higher purity ratings than their natural counterparts.

Why choose a natural diamond? 

Whether you’re choosing an engagement ring or a necklace to mark a milestone birthday, you want to invest in a piece that remains special for years to come. From the cut and colour to the carat and clarity, there’s so much choice when it comes to picking your diamond. 


Natural diamonds are quite literally, one of a kind! Incredibly unique (thanks mother nature!), there’s something special about a natural diamond that has spent literally billions of years in the making. Unlike Laboratory Grown Diamonds, natural diamonds are earth-mined, formed without any help from modern technology. Pretty amazing, right? While you may find diamonds similar to your own, they will never be exactly the same, making your piece of jewellery all the more significant to you. 


The rich history and mysterious background of a natural diamond is unbeatable. While some may not care about this fact, you simply can’t deny that there’s something magical about natural diamonds. Where did they come from? How could something so incredible not be man-made? While natural diamonds spend millions to billions of years under pressure being refined by the earth before being mined, Laboratory Grown Diamonds don’t offer the same sense of mystery. Romantic, magical and mystical, the unknown story of your diamond almost adds to your own story.

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