What are Bridal Sets?

What are Bridal Sets?

Wedding planning and organising can be a daunting task. Between the dresses, venues, catering and invite list, there’s plenty to consider. We can’t really help with those things, but we can make your life simpler by giving you all the info about bridal sets, including why they’re a great option for your marriage ring needs.

What exactly is a bridal set?

A bridal set is a matching engagement ring and wedding band worn by the bride. These will often share the same colour and style, which provide a seamless fit and timeless look when worn together. Some bridal sets even integrate into one uniform design.

In a bridal set, the engagement ring is typically more intricate and will likely feature a large gemstone or diamond, while the wedding band is normally more simple and refined, and designed in the same hue as the engagement ring setting.

Before the wedding, it’s customary for the bride-to-be to wear the engagement ring by itself. After the wedding, many brides choose to wear both rings on the left-hand right finger. The conventional configuration is to place the wedding band on the bottom, closest to your heart.

Although sometimes used interchangeably, bridal sets and wedding sets are not the same. While both consist of an engagement ring and matching wedding band for the bride, a wedding set also contains a matching wedding band for the groom, taking care of all three rings at once.

The benefits of bridal sets and wedding sets

There are so many benefits to choosing a bridal set over individual marriage rings. The most obvious is the simplicity. Buying a bridal set makes your life so much easier as you prepare for your big day. After all, why stress and agonise over rings twice when you can save time and shop for her engagement ring and marriage ring at the same time.

Bridal sets can also offer fantastic value for money. Because you’re buying two rings at the same time, or three if you get a wedding set, you can usually save money when buying a bridal set bundle.

Another incredible benefit of bridal sets is that they look fantastic. A typical bridal set includes an engagement ring and matching wedding band, creating a unique, complementary set that will be treasured for a lifetime.

What’s more, there are so many types of bridal sets, meaning there’s sure to be one to suit any personal style...

Different types of bridal sets

From beautiful vintage ring styles to ultra modern designs, there are bridal sets and wedding sets in so many different settings, precious metals and stunning designs, allowing you to select the perfect bridal set based on your partner’s aesthetic preferences.

Generally speaking, bridal sets are available in two distinct styles: parallel rings and integrated sets.

Parallel rings are traditional, separate rings, in which either ring can be worn by itself. A classic example of this is a diamond solitaire engagement ring with a solid gold wedding band. The wedding band may be plain or have matching details, such as inset stones or a pave setting, but typically does not have elaborate details that might interfere with the engagement ring when the two pieces are worn together.

An integrated bridal set is a more elaborately designed pair, with both rings sporting multiple accent stones to surround a fancy shaped diamond. Integrated bridal sets feature a wedding band specifically designed as a coordinating diamond ring wrap for the engagement ring, providing accent stones or finishing details for the engagement ring centerpiece stone. Without the accompanying engagement ring, the wedding band would appear incomplete.

A growing bridal jewellery trend to consider is the trio wedding ring style. This three-ring design is composed of the engagement ring, wedding band and a third band. In this setup, the engagement ring symbolises your lifelong commitment to each other, and the wedding band as a marker of unity. The third ring is typically given on your one-year anniversary to symbolise the couple's eternal love, or after the birth of the first child.

Create your own bridal sets and wedding sets at Bevilles

At Bevilles, we’re proud to stock engagement rings and wedding bands in an array of complementary designs and settings. This huge selection means you can mix and match to create your perfect bridal set.

For example, this sumptuous 18ct white gold solitaire diamond ring from the exclusive Love by Michelle Beville collection will pair exquisitely with a rounded solid white gold wedding band, like this gorgeous hand-finished Dora marriage ring.

Another wonderful choice is to combine a wedding band and engagement ring that both feature intricate diamond channel sets. This pairing will create stunning sparkle and unbelievable elegance, such as our 18ct yellow gold wedding band with 0.5ct channel set diamonds with our 9ct yellow gold Martina engagement ring with solitaire look and halo of diamonds.

No matter your budget or style, you can find the perfect bridal set for your needs at Bevilles. Come and visit us in-store, where one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members will be happy to assist you. Or simply shop our latest engagement ring and wedding band styles online now.

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