How to choose men's wedding bands

How to choose men's wedding bands

Your guide to choosing men's wedding bands

Let's face it, women often get most of the attention when it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands. We all know men are often expected to choose the perfect engagement ring (or follow their partner's instructions perfectly).

But who chooses the man's wedding band? Who pays for it? This guide will tell you everything you need to know about buying a man's wedding band, and the etiquette behind it.

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Who buys it?

It's kind of weird, isn't it, that this is still a mystery. Many people assume the groom buys the wedding bands. But in this day and age, there's a range of options.

  • The bride buys the groom's wedding band. This makes sense, right? The groom has bought his fiance the engagement ring, so it only makes sense the bride would buy her man his wedding ring.
  • The couple shops together. We like equal opportunity. But this can take away the fun surprise of giving a man his wedding band as a gift.
  • The groom buys his own band. Less fun, but more economical. You can buy your own ring, so you know you're going to end up with exactly the right one for you.

However, most commonly, a man will buy his own wedding band. Take the price factor out of the equation for a second, and you'll realise this is actually a pretty good deal. You'll be wearing your wedding band for the rest of your life, so it makes sense you get to choose it. This way, you can select something which really speaks to you and your own personal style.

And when else in your life do you get to shop for statement rings for yourself?

How much do wedding bands cost?

Men's wedding band

There's no doubt wedding bands can set you back thousands. But at Bevilles, we pride ourselves on keeping our prices affordable. We offer a range of wedding bands for men, all under $1200.

Choosing the right metal

While ladies engagement rings are mainly centred around the diamonds, men's wedding bands are more focused on the material of the band. Here are the most common metals wedding bands are made from:

  • White gold: These are made of pure gold mixed with white metals like nickel, silver, or palladium, with rhodium plating. The plating gives it a similar look to platinum. Over time, the coating can fade, and the metal becomes more yellow in appearance. But it can always be recoated later.

We sell a white gold men's diamond wedding ring for just $599. It catches the eye with a modern design of brilliant cut channel set gems, and makes the perfect statement to celebrate your union.

Alternately, for a more understated look, choose our two-toned men's wedding ring, featuring white and yellow gold. It boasts a single brilliant cut diamond, adding a hint of glamour.

  • Yellow gold: Yellow gold is mixed with alloyed silver, copper, and zinc. It doesn't rust, tarnish, or corrode, and it doesn't lose its colour over time – it's the perfect metal if you want a timeless ring to last your marriage.

Check out our yellow gold men's wedding ring. It's simple, yet elegant, and features 15 demure points of diamonds.

  • Sterling silver: This common metal is pure silver mixed with copper or other metals to make it more durable. Unique in its appearance, sterling silver ranges from bright white to grayish-white in appearance.

You can't go past our sterling silver men's ring with rose gold and diamond features. It's classy and stylish, with a little sparkle which befits the ceremony of your wedding day.

  • Tungsten: Highly resistant to tarnish, so it will remain polished forever. It's a unique metal which has become popular recently, thanks to its low-maintenance qualities.

Feel like stepping outside of the box? Our black tungsten men's ring makes the perfect masculine statement. Just think of how it'll look on the day, with you in your dapper suit. 


Factors to be aware of when choosing a metal

  • The size and shape of your finger will likely change over the course of your life. If you feel you might have to resize your wedding ring later down the track, you should choose a ring made out of precious metals which are more malleable.
  • You may also be allergic to certain metals, so be sure to try before you buy. 
  • If you work with your hands a lot and plan to wear your ring all the time, you may be better off selecting a more durable metal like tungsten.

Learn the terminology

Sometimes, speaking to jewellers about rings can feel like you're interpreting a foreign language. Arm yourself with the common terms and vocab you'll encounter when shopping for your wedding band.

  • Standard fit: Rings which are flat on the inside
  • Comfort fit: Rings which are slightly rounded on the inside to conform to your finger more
  • Carats: Measure the weight of diamonds
  • Karats: Refer to the purity of gold
  • Cut: Refers to the way the diamond is cut
  • Setting: Refers to the way diamonds are set in the ring band

So, now that you have the knowledge, you (or you and your partner) are better equipped to go out and buy your own wedding bands. Check out the complete range in our online catalogue, or visit your local Bevilles store to speak to one of our friendly staff!

Once you have your ring, the real fun can begin.

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