10 stylish diamond engagement rings under $1000

10 stylish diamond engagement rings under $1000

You don't have to break the bank to prove your love

Has the time come to celebrate the love you share with your partner? If you're coupled up and thinking of getting engaged, you'll need to think about which ring you'd like to buy. You don't need to spend big to get a high-quality diamond ring, however. There are plenty of diamond engagement rings below $1000 which tick all the boxes when it comes to sparkling style and glamour.

At Bevilles, we've got a range of affordable engagement rings for under $1000. In case you're wondering, our diamonds are ethically sourced - so you can show off that sparkle with pride.

How to choose a diamond engagement ring

So you know what kind of diamond ring shape you want. But do you also know about the four Cs of diamond grading? We're here to guide you.


When you hear the word 'cut', you'd be forgiven for thinking this referred to the shape of the diamond. In fact, this actually refers to the diamond's proportions, symmetry and polish.

The cut of your diamond is arguably the most important element. It's the biggest factor in creating sparkle and depth of a stone. In fact, without a high cut grade, even a high-quality diamond can seem dull and lifeless.

  • If the cut is too shallow, light enters and strikes the facet at a low angle. In layman's terms? It loses sparkle.
  • If the cut is too deep, the light strikes the facet at a sharp angle. This causes the light to refract (pass through) the facet and, again, means a loss of sparkle.

The depth of the diamond is calculated by dividing the depth by the width. The lower the depth, the larger the diamond will appear.

Special tip: Never choose a diamond solely on the depth of a cut. The cut grade of a diamond has already incorporated both the depth and width, so you can use it as a cheat sheet. Quality jewellers follow the GIA grade system.


Natural diamonds are made from carbon which has been exposed to heat and pressure. During this process, the stones can end up with internal characteristics called 'inclusions' and external ones called 'blemishes'.

The clarity of a diamond is based on these factors of the characteristics:

  • Number
  • Size
  • Relief
  • Nature
  • Position

And how these all affect the appearance of the stone. No diamond is ever perfectly pure, but the fewer imperfections, the more valuable it is.


The colour of diamonds actually refers to the absence of colour. Counter-intuitive, we know. A chemically pure and structurally perfect diamond will have no hue and will look kind of like a drop of pure water.

Many diamond colour distinctions are so subtle that they are invisible to the everyday person. That's why, again, quality jewellers use GIA grade systems as a way to certify the hue of a stone.


Carat weight is measured by how much the diamond weighs. Each carat is divided into 100 'points'. This way, we can measure weight to the hundredth decimal place. Many jewellers describe the weight of a diamond below one carat by points alone.

Diamond price increases with carat weight because larger diamonds are rarer. But two diamonds of equal carat weight can have different values and prices, depending on the other factors we've outlined above.

Now that you know what makes a high-quality diamond, check out our top seven affordable engagement rings for less than $1000.

Under $400

This 9ct ring dazzles with 0.15 ct of brilliant cut diamonds, set in a rose gold. This gentle, classic design is the perfect way to celebrate your love.

  • Metals: Rose gold
  • Cut: Brilliant 
  • Diamond carat: 0.15 ct

Under $500

Ring under $500

Do you like to make a statement? This stunning 9ct white and rose gold ring features 1/2ct diamonds, set in a square centre halo. More diamonds feature on the open twist band, making this one sparkling stunner to show off.

  • Metal: White gold, rose gold
  • Cut: Brilliant
  • Diamond carat: 1/2ct

For a small amount more, you can double on value and purchase this twin ring set. The flower cluster ring is fashionable and on-trend, and sets you up for your engagement and wedding day in one bundle. 

  • Metal: White gold
  • Cut: Brilliant
  • Diamond carat: 1/4ct

Under $750

Ring under $700

Nothing says delicate and elegant like this affordable engagement ring. It features a swirl of brilliant cut diamonds leading to a centre halo.

  • Metal: White gold
  • Cut: Brilliant
  • Diamond carat: 1/2ct

Under $800

Ring under $800

If you prefer simplicity, you can't go past this white gold pear shaped diamond ring. Pear shapes have the added benefit of making your fingers seem slim and slender, and this beauty features an additional 50 points of diamonds in a composite halo.

  • Metal: White gold
  • Cut: Brilliant
  • Diamond carat: 1/2ct

Under $1000

Ring under $1000

You don't need to spend a stack to show your love. This unique halo sweep ring, with 0.40ct of diamonds in 18 carat white gold, is eye-catching. It's exclusive to Bevilles, too.

  • Metal: White gold
  • Cut: Brilliant
  • Diamond carat: 0.4ct
  • Clarity: 1
  • Colour: G, H

Alternately, the way the diamonds in this ring have been set produces an emerald shape style. With diamonds set in the band, it'll pair perfectly with an eternity ring when the time comes to add to your band set.

  • Metal: White gold
  • Cut: Baguette, brilliant
  • Diamond carat: 1/2ct
  • Clarity: 2
  • Diamond colour: H-I

Alternative payment methods

Own it now and pay later with our alternative payment options.

  • Afterpay can be used for orders up to $1000. Pay off your affordable engagement ring in four easy installments!
  • Use Zip to create your own payment schedule to suit you, with no hidden fees or interest, and no upfront payments.

Ring sizing

Use our chart to work out which ring size you will need, and we can tailor our rings to suit you. You can also visit us in-store and our friendly staff will measure your ring finger for you.

Caring for your ring

With a little TLC, your diamond ring will stay sparkling and dazzling for the rest of your life. For easy diamond care at home:

  1. Soak your diamond ring in a gentle degreasing solution like a bowl of water with a few drops of dish soap.
  2. Remove your ring from the water and use a brand-new, soft-bristled toothbrush to remove dirt or grime.
  3. Gentry dry your ring with a soft cloth and be careful not to press too hard, or bend any prongs.

If you're worried about damaging your ring, you can bring it into your local Bevilles store. We can clean your diamonds professionally. You'll get your engagement ring back looking brand-new.

Bevilles prides itself on ethically sourcing our diamonds. We have a specialised diamond department within our head office. It's made up of two divisions, the 'loose diamond' section and 'diamond jewellery' section. Our highly trained and skilled staff regularly travel overseas to carefully select diamonds.

We comply with the Kimberly Process – an initiative designed to combat the sale of conflict diamonds. This way, you can enjoy your affordable new engagement ring, guilt-free.

Shop in-store or online today.

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