Your go-to guide: Rings perfect for every special occasion

Your go-to guide: Rings perfect for every special occasion

There’s nothing as special as the gift of jewellery.

Whether you’re passed down a beautiful family heirloom on your 21st birthday or you’re choosing something special for the one that you love, there’s simply no denying that jewellery is one of the most sentimental gifts you could give (or receive!). When you give the gift of jewellery, you’re almost gifting a personal memory, and something that will be remembered for years to come. 

Timeless, irreplaceable, and so much more than just ‘easy on the eye’ – what’s not to love?

And whilst we have no problem in picking out designer watches, delicate diamond earrings or personalised necklaces for the ones that we love, so why do we sometimes find ourselves avoiding buying rings?

While these beautiful little pieces of jewellery are naturally associated with weddings and engagements, there are a number of special occasions that are 100% ring worthy! And if you ask us… there’s never a wrong time! From landmark birthdays to graduations gifts, anniversaries and even Christmas, these are all the perfect opportunities to show people just how much you care.

Keep reading to find out when you should gift someone with a ring… and don’t worry, it doesn’t involve walking down the aisle!

For milestone birthdays…

Milepost birthdays are exactly what they sound like - a milepost!  The birthdays that are worth celebrating are also worthy of a sparkling gift, or two. Don’t let any of these amazing milestones pass your loved ones by without getting them something sentimental and having lots of fun too. Birthdays have different significance to people depending on their traditions and cultures. From the classic sweet 16 tradition and officially marking the end of childhood at 18 to celebrating (and accepting!) the big 5-0, these birthdays are an opportunity to give someone you love a gift that will make this particular birthday one they’ll always remember. How about a gemstone ring? Birthstones are the beautiful gems that are associated with the month that someone is born – symbolic and sweet! The Bevilles range of rings includes rubies, sapphires, rose quartz, jade, coloured diamonds, emeralds, citrines and more… see, ageing doesn’t have to be so bad!

For the graduates…

Graduation is a huge milestone in someone’s life, and after years of hard work (and maybe just a little bit of partying), what better way to say ‘congratulations’ than with a piece of jewellery. While personalised necklaces and bracelets work beautifully for women, an engraved ring could be the perfect parting gift for the male graduate in your life. Looking for a piece of jewellery but struggling to choose? A simple stainless steel or sterling silver ring is a stylish piece of hand décor that can be so easily incorporated into someone’s everyday style – the ideal gift for saying a massive ‘well done’. Make sure the moment becomes a memory that lasts forever by getting a personalised message engraved! You can check out our men’s rings here.

For anniversaries…

Sure, we said no weddings or engagement, but we didn’t say no romance or post-wedding rings! So, welcome the eternity ring. Originating way back in the Egyptian times to represent both eternal love, life and the ‘circle of life’, today eternity rings are given to the love you love to specifically mark a milestone anniversary. The idea of gifting someone with an eternity ring to celebrate a marriage or relationship milestone is not only to signify the time that you have already spent together, but also to celebrate the everlasting future that you plan to share with them.  

For the birth of a first child…

We did tell you that rings aren’t just for weddings! Since the original symbolism behind the eternity ring is a representation of the circle of life, the gifting of a ring when a couple first brings a child into the world seems more than fitting. What a way to mark one of the most monumental moments in someone’s life! After all, eternity rings symbolise someone special, and you can’t get more special than a newborn baby. From elaborate gold diamond styles to simple white gold, there’s a style to suit everyone in our collection of eternity rings.  

For the fashion forward…

Ever wanted to buy your most stylish friend something cute, just because they deserve it? Then stackable rings are the style for you. For those that love to mix, match and add a little character to their accessorising game. While the myth would state that creating a ‘stacking ring’ collection you can wear all at once means sticking to delicate little styles, it really is just a myth! From statement styles to cute dainty rings, shopping for your fashion-forward friend has never been so fun. 

Show your loved ones just how much they mean to you and find the perfect ring for them. Whether you’re looking for a statement style or a simple band, the range of styles at Bevilles has everything you need and more. 

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