Choosing jewellery to match your skin tone

Your skin tone could affect the way a certain piece of jewellery may appear on you. Your skin's undertones help determine which jewellery suits you best. 

Before looking into the particular types of jewellery, it’s important that you understand what your tone is. Firstly, let’s not get confused between skin tone and skin colour. Skin tone refers to the coolness or warmness of your skin. but not the colour of your skin. This is determined by your vein colours, which are cool, warm or neutral.

If your veins appear bluer, then your tone is cool. If it appears more green, then your tone is warm. It there is a mix, then your tone is neutral. Look on your wrist area to determine what colour your veins appear. 

Jewellery for the right skin tone:

Cool skin tones:

The best metals for this skin tone include those that are light and white, such as platinum, white gold and silver. Gemstones that look great with this skin tone include those that are brightly coloured such as green, red, purple and blue, because they accentuate the cool tones.

Warm skin tones: 

The metals that would suit this skin tone would be yellow and rose gold. The perfect gemstones to wear with this skin tone are earthy stones such as the orange, brown, yellow and indeed, turquoise colours.

Neutral skin tones: 

You’re the lucky bunch because almost all jewellery suits your skin tone! You can go for white gold, silver and bright gemstones, as well as stand out beautifully with yellow gold and brass jewellery.


With this information on hand, you’ll be able to pick out the perfect jewellery to match your tone. Remember: choosing jewellery is also about the style of the person who is wearing it, rather than being solely about the tone of your skin. Confidence plays a huge part in displaying jewellery. If you love a piece and it looks great on you, we say go for it!

For more information or if you want to find the right piece of gorgeous jewellery for our skin tone, contact us today.

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