Choosing the colour of your engagement ring

The variety of metals used to create engagement rings these days has made choosing one even more exciting – and somewhat complex. It’s no longer just a toss-up between yellow or white gold, as you can choose from a number of metals in a range of hues to satisfy your bride-to-be’s preferences.

Cooler hues are available in silver-toned metals such as platinum and white gold, while warmer tones can be found in yellow and rose golds. A third option is a combination of metals. This option has become popular due to its unique, contemporary look, which effortlessly complements any jewellery your lady may want to wear.

We've complied a quick guide to metals used in engagement rings:

Cooler hues:


This is a natural white-tinted metal that shows off the brilliance of diamonds perfectly. It is an extremely popular choice because platinum is regarded as the most valuable and precious metal due to its purity. This durable metal offers adequate security for a diamond setting and, because it’s hypoallergenic, it’s safe for those with sensitive skin.


Titanium is an extremely durable metal that is silver-grey in colour. It is the hardest metal available, which makes it entirely scratch-resistant. The downside of it being such a hard metal is that you’re limited in the designs that can be created, and resizing and repairs are a challenge. This metal is much more commonly used in rings for men as opposed to in those with traditionally more delicate styles for women. 


Another option is silver, which, of course, offers a white-silver hue. Like gold, silver can successfully be combined with other metals like copper to create unique designs.

White Gold:

The most popular choice for cooler metals is white gold, which combines gold with other materials such as silver and palladium. As it is one of the most cost-effective metals, you will find that is makes up most collections in jewellery stores.

Warmer hues:

Yellow Gold:

Yellow Gold is the traditional choice that is prized for its beauty for centuries. As it is the softest metal, gold is often combined with other metals such as copper and nickel to give it strength and diversity.

Rose Gold:

A new take on a classic material: rose gold has become one of the most sought-after metals in the modern age. It’s a combination of yellow gold and copper, and has become an elegant, yet affordable option amongst engagement rings.


An alternative to choosing just one of the cooler or warmer hues, is to have a combination of the two, which is becoming an increasingly popular option. At Bevilles, you will find a range of beautiful combinations, such as the Love by Michelle Beville Collection


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