Why you should buy an IGI Certified Diamond

Considering the financial layout required, buying diamonds necessitates much thought and consideration. With the different grades of diamonds available in the market, how do you tell a high-quality stone from a poor quality one, or even a synthetic diamond? There is only one guaranteed way to ensure peace of mind that your diamond is the real deal and that is to buy an IGI certified diamond.

Why are diamonds certified?

Not every diamond is made equal. Certified diamonds go through a rigorous scientific process that evaluates their quality to ascertain their value. A grading report is produced as proof of the diamond’s authenticity and details information such as weight, grade, cut as well as whether any enhancements have been made, such as the use of lasers to improve aesthetic value.

What are IGI certified diamonds?

The International Gemological Institute (IGI) certification is documented proof assuring the buyer that the diamond jewellery to be purchased is authentic and from a genuine seller. This certificate that assesses diamond qualities such as cut, clarity, colour and weight is supplied once having passed internal quality control standards and security processes. The IGI certificate is accepted around the world and is a promise of trust and verification of a quality diamond purchase.

Additional benefits of buying IGI certified diamonds:

  • Accurate, reliable information: You can be sure of the quality of diamond you are buying with reliable information on weight and clarity provided.
  • Proof of a real diamond purchase: Certification is proof that the diamond is real and not synthetic.
  • Guarantee of quality: As a symbol of quality, IGI certification assures you that the diamond has not been fractured in any way and that you can make a confident purchase.


The last thing you want is to buy a diamond that’s not worth the price you paid for it. Purchasing a diamond from a reputable jewellery store that offers proper certification is the only way to ensure that your diamond is genuine. Bevilles has a quality range of stunning diamond jewellery for you to enjoy!  

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