How to properly care for your gold jewellery

Gold is one of the most popular metals used for fine jewellery, and is beloved by many. Whether you have gold necklaces, gold earrings, a gold watch or a gold engagement ring, over time it can lose its sheen. Care should be taken when looking after your gold jewellery. If looked after correctly, your prized pieces should last you well into your old age and may even be something to pass on to future generations.

Moh’s scale is the gem trade standard for measuring the hardness of gems and precious metals. Diamond is at the top of this scale, sitting at 10 on the Moh scale, whereas gold sits at around 2.5 to 4 on the scale. Special care and attention must be taken when cleaning or polishing this soft precious metal in order not to damage or tarnish it during the process.

Here are some tips to keep your jewellery in pristine condition for the years ahead:


  • Be sure to remove your jewellery when bathing or showering as detergents, soaps and bleach will damage the gold.
  • Gold is an incredibly soft metal and will scratch, dent and tarnish if not looked after, so it’s best to remove jewellery when playing contact sports.
  • Keep your gold jewellery individually wrapped in cloth or tissue to prevent scratches when not being worn.
  • Make-up, moisturiser, perfumes and perspiration are another enemy of polished gold jewellery. Ensure your jewellery is only put on after you have applied them.


  • Never allow gold to come into contact with chlorine or bleach. These substances can eat away at the metal.
  • Don’t be clumsy or careless when removing your jewellery, as throwing it around could result in kinks and scratches.
  • Don’t scour your jewellery with an abrasive cloth or steel wool. Instead use a soft cloth and warm water and a certified polisher.


If your gold jewellery is looking a little worse for wear, you can take it to a professional to have it restored to its former glory. Purchasing a Bevilles Care Plan allows you to have your gold jewellery cleaned and polished by a professional. Discover the full range of gold jewellery available at Bevilles online now.

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