Popular engagement ring settings and styles explained

Choosing a setting for a diamond engagement ring can be a daunting experience for any partner. You might have heard your partner throw around terms that you didn’t understand and now you have the difficult task of deciphering what these terms actually mean. We're here to help! 

There are more than 30 recognized engagement ring styles and settings, but these are the most popular.


This style is often used to accentuate a centre diamond and, as the name implies, smaller diamonds or gems are placed around the centre piece. Square, round, marquise, pear and oval diamond can all be used in a halo setting. The halo engagement ring setting can include a plain band or diamonds along the side of the band (called a pavé style).


Part of the prong setting, a solitaire engagement ring is one of the most common. It features a single stone in the centre of the ring, and the band is plain. This specific setting allows for ample light to pass through the diamond, making it even more eye-catching than it already is. 

Three Stone:

This style refers to when the centre diamond is flanked by two other stones. Two smaller stones emphasize the centre diamond, giving the illusion that it is a lot bigger in comparison. This particular style has a deeper meaning, symbolising the past, present and future.


Similar to the pavé style, a channel engagement ring features a diamond in the middle and small diamonds lining the band. The difference is that the small diamonds on the side aren’t held with prongs, but side strips that make the small diamonds level with the band of the ring.


A tension setting doesn’t involve prongs or claws but rather the diamond is suspended between two sections of the band and is held there through the tension of the two sections pushing against the stone.


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