What To Get Your Partner For Major Anniversary Gifts

You love your partner, and no gift can ever express how deeply you feel for them and all that they do for you. However, sometimes, there are material things that can show even a portion of how much you value your loved one, especially on a major anniversary.

So what would be your choice for a major anniversary gift for your one and only?

Here are some helpful hints to get you started:

Your 1st Anniversary

This is the first special anniversary between you and your partner, and it’s usually the most romantic time. Your relationship is still fresh and the excitement is still in the air. Gold is the typical metal of choice for this anniversary, such as a chain with a personal inscription.

Your 10th Anniversary

It’s been a decade of love, getting to know each other and perhaps sharing children together, so this is the time to show your loved one how valuable they are in your life. A diamond set in platinum, such as a necklace and a ring, is common for the occasion.

Your 25th Anniversary

A quarter of a century should be celebrated in style, which is why it’s known as the silver jubilee. With so much available in sterling silver for both him and her, your choices are endless – you could go for a simple silver ring or a dazzling necklace. Remember, this is only a guide, if you want to add a splash of colour, go for it!

Your 30th Anniversary

Your friends and family, and potentially even your grandchildren, will attend this anniversary. Thirty years is a long time to be with the same person. There must be devotion, attachment and familiarity. You would know your partner’s tastes more than anyone. Commonly, as the pearl jubilee, the beautiful gem is the suggested choice.

Your 50th Anniversary

Five decades of love doesn’t come easily! For this reason, on your golden jubilee, you must truly celebrate the period of time you’ve spent with your partner. You’ve been with him or her through thick and thin, and for your 50th year together, gold is obviously the recommended metal.

Your 60th Anniversary

On your diamond jubilee, your commitment to each other throughout the decades is something that not many other people can claim to have gone through! As the most glamorous of gemstones, diamonds are truly the perfect choice of gift on this monumental occasion.


Of course, there are many other anniversaries and special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day and other memorable celebrations, in which to take the opportunity to purchase your beloved a token of your adoration.

For more advice on what gift is right for your next grand occasion,contact us anytime. 

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