White Gold Chain Necklaces & Pendants to Suit Your Taste

Bevilles has timeless white gold necklaces for you and those you love most. Our breathtaking white gold necklaces are carefully designed with precious stones, intricate pendants and premium metals to create unique necklaces for all occasions.

A stunning white gold chain for men is sure to add style to any look. We offer white gold chain necklaces in a variety of styles and sizes, from simple silver infused chains through to bold statement curb links that will add shine every day. These lifetime keepsakes look great with everything from t-shirts to suits.

It’s hard to look past our gorgeous white gold pendants for women. Discover classic circular and square diamond designs, modern infinity and star-shaped diamonds, and divine diamond cross pendants. No matter your preference, our white gold pendants are crafted using only the finest metals.

Show Off Your Originality with a White Gold Necklace

At Bevilles, we’re proud to offer exceptional quality, attractive prices and white gold necklaces that will last. Classic or ultra modern, high fashion or understated, our necklaces are crafted to suit every jewellery taste and preference.

Give your partner the perfect symbol of everlasting love with a heart shaped, diamond-encrusted white gold necklace. Or treat yourself to a brilliantly cut white gold diamond halo pendant.

Shop Gorgeous White Gold Necklaces at Bevilles

Bevilles has been sourcing the finest, ethically sourced gems and crafting stunning, high quality necklaces in Australia since 1934. For more necklaces you’re sure to love, browse our unique selection of rose gold necklaces and silver necklaces.

Whether you’re looking for a white gold ring for yourself or a loved one, we invite you to visit one of our stores across Australia, where our experts will be happy to help you find the perfect piece. Or shop now and receive free shipping over $100 Australia-wide.

White Gold Necklaces FAQs

Can you wear a white gold necklace everyday?

Yes. Not only is white gold prized for its beautiful, white colour and for perfectly accentuating the sparkle and brilliance of diamonds, white gold is also durable, making it ideal for daily wear. But like all fine jewellery, white gold does require regular maintenance. 

What’s more, white gold uses a high-quality rhodium plating, which will stand up to daily wear, but over time it will begin to wear off and the yellow hue of the white gold will show through. The good news is that rhodium plating can be reapplied to make your white gold necklace sparkle once more.

How to clean your white gold necklace

No matter how often you wear your white gold necklace, over time it’ll likely get dirty and dull, especially if it’s frequently exposed to skincare products, makeup, dirt, oils, sweat etc.. Thankfully, even though white gold is generally rhodium plated, you can clean it the same way as other gold. 

Make your white gold necklaces shine brightly again by preparing a bowl of warm water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Soak for up to 30 minutes, brush softly with a very soft toothbrush to remove any residue, and dry with a microfibre cloth or special jewellery cloth. 

If this doesn’t get rid of the build-up or restore your necklace’s wonderful shine, you might want to get some high quality jewellery cleaning products and tools to help get the job done. Or read more tips on how to properly take care of all your gold jewellery here.