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Choosing the right anklet for you

An ankle bracelet buying guide

Anklets, also commonly called ankle bracelets, are stunning pieces of jewellery that add a finishing touch to summery ensembles that show off the ankle. 

The anklet dates further back than you might imagine (they’re about 4,500 years old at least!) but this gorgeous type of jewellery remains as popular as ever, especially now that it is available in a greater variety of styles and materials than ever before.

The fashion choices for anklets are endless. You can pair a luxurious gold anklet with high heels and a night dress or wear a casual, flirty anklet with charms alongside your sneakers or sandals and shorts.

We’ve compiled everything you need to know about anklets so you can choose a piece that expresses your style and wear it in a way that makes you feel fabulous.

The different types of anklets

These days, anklets come in a huge selection of styles, from the simple and classic chain ankle bracelet to bohemian bead and charm anklets.

Gold anklets

Gold anklets are usually simple chain anklets that enhance a classy outfit and look beautiful paired with high heels and an elegant dress.

The three most popular types of gold anklets are yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold anklets. Yellow gold anklets are more naturally golden in hue while white gold anklets can be silvery in colour. Rose gold anklets add a modern sparkle thanks to their charming pink hue.

Gold doesn’t just add a gorgeous lustre to your look. It is also a durable metal that’s strong and resistant to rust, tarnish, or corrosion.

The most affordable yet elegant gold anklets usually come in 9 carats (9ct), making them 30-40% gold. This 9ct jewellery is often infused with silver so it can look a little paler than pure gold.

Silver anklets

With their genuine sparkle, silver anklets can be worn in both casual and formal settings.

Most silver anklets are made from sterling silver, a strong and durable metal alloy that’s about 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals.

Just as with gold anklets, a simple silver chain anklet inspires beauty all on its own. But silver ankle bracelets also popularly feature pendants and charms that help personalise the piece.

Charm anklets

Charm anklets have a silver or gold chain, along with attached charms. These charms can be anything from love hearts and stars to evil eyes. A charm anklet might feature a single centrepiece charm or several charms.

The charms themselves can be plain silver or gold or they can be gemstones, feathers, beads, or bells. A joyful gift, charms can be made of virtually any material and designed in almost any shape.

Bead anklets

Bead anklets can vary greatly in design and style but they most commonly feature beads strung on an elastic band.

They can be bright and colourful, featuring painted clay or plastic beads. But they are just as likely to be elegant pieces with gold, silver, or gemstone beads.

Sometimes, the beads are broken up by the occasional pendant. Because of their striking colour and styles, bead anklets often look fabulous as a layered anklet.

Layered anklets

Some anklets are available as layered anklets, with multiple chains wrapping around the ankle for an overlapping effect. This style works particularly well as a boho anklet paired with a casual outfit.

While some anklets come with multiple chains, you can also create the look yourself by pairing together anklets that complement each other.

How to wear your anklet

Wondering where should an anklet sit on your ankle? While there are fashion guidelines, how you wear your anklet ultimately come down to whatever brings you joy.

You can choose to have a loose anklet that fits below the ankle bone, that rests gently on the top of your foot, or that sits more tightly above the ankle bone.

If you’re still not certain, we recommend a loose anklet if you’re sporting sandals or thongs, or a more snug fit above the ankle bone if you’re wearing strappy shoes or sneakers.

Wearing an anklet is ultimately about what makes you feel good, so we don’t like to prescribe a strict set of rules.

But wearing your anklet on bare legs looks fabulous, especially if you choose a piece that matches your skin tone. An anklet looks stunning against bare skin, even if it’s hidden beneath a pair of jeans or pants.

We don’t usually recommend wearing anklets over pantyhose or tights unless you’re feeling particularly rebellious.

On which leg should anklets be worn?

Regardless of what you’ve heard, it is fine to wear anklets on whichever leg you prefer. There is no hidden meaning to wearing your piece on your left or right ankle.

How to measure your anklet size

At Bevilles, our anklets are either 25cm or 27m long. Not sure which size best suits you?

Wrap a measuring tape snugly around your ankle, below the ankle bone or wherever you intend to wear the jewellery.

If you don’t have a measuring tape, you can also wrap a piece of paper or ribbon around your ankle. Mark the spot where the ends meet and measure the length against a ruler.

Note the circumference of your ankle but add a little wiggle room if you prefer a looser anklet. We recommend adding 7mm to 14mm extra.

Take into account that your ankles may swell up in the heat or if you find yourself walking a lot. You don’t want your anklet cutting into your skin.

The average anklet size for males

Men usually wear their anklets a little more snuggling than women but it is common to find men’s anklets between 25 centimetres and 30 centimetres.

The average anklet size for a woman

Women’s anklet sizes can vary depending on the size of the ankle. The average anklet size is about 25 centimetres. Larger ankle bracelets of 27cm accommodate women with larger ankles or with ankles prone to swelling.

How to choose the right anklet

Anklets come in all styles and materials, so the best ankle bracelet for you depends on your personal preference. What makes YOU feel fabulous?

If you’re buying an anklet as a gift, make note of the jewellery the recipient already wears. Is it silver or gold? Is it chunky or fine? Keeping these details in mind will help you pick out the perfect piece.

At Bevilles, we have a range of anklets online. Shop the collection today and find a stylish piece that leaves you feeling fabulous.

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