Your Guide To Choosing The Right Ring Size

When you imagine the ring of your dreams, it’s one that fits perfectly without being too tight or too loose. That’s why it’s imperative that the size is correct! In Australia, ring sizes differ from those used in other countries, and our ring sizing guide is classified according to the alphabet. Size A is the most narrow in circumference (37.50 mm) and size Z is the widest in circumference (68.75 mm).

The system also includes half sizes by adding ½ to each letter size to ensure the perfect fit. If you’re purchasing a ring soon, here’s how you can make sure it’s the right one.

3 Easy Ways To Measure Your Australian Ring Size:

Ask a jeweller in-store. 

A professional staff member at your jewellery store can measure your ring size. The advantage of visiting a Bevilles Jewellery store is that our jewellers use a specially designed ring sizer that corresponds with the width of the ring you intend to buy.

Use a ring you wear as a guide.

Another way to determine ring size is by using a ring you already have as a guide. In assessing the size, the ring’s internal diameter has to be measured in millimetres or inches. Use this measurement to find the exact ring size according to the size chart.

Use a Multisizer Ring Gauge

If you don’t have a ring to measure and you don’t wish to go to a brick-and-mortar store, you can use a Multisizer Ring Gauge. Order this ring sizing tool online, and you’ll receive a ring shape that can be made larger or smaller by slipping the end of the tool through the buckle. Place the tool over your finger and tweak for a comfortable fit. Note your perfect letter size as indicated by the arrow, making sure it slips comfortably over the knuckle.

For the best results, you should also use these tips:

  • Measure your ring size at the end of the day when it’s warm for your ‘maximum’ finger size.
  • Avoid using string to measure your ring size as this produces inaccurate measurements.
  • If you’re choosing a ring with a wide width, opting for a half size larger will provide better comfort. 

Make things easy by buying a Multisizer Ring Gauge today, so that your ring shopping with Bevilles is just a matter of picking whatever ring you fancy. Want more info? Feel free to visit your nearest store today!

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