Why Emerald Engagement Rings are different to any other

An emerald cut diamond ring is rare. Only about 3% of diamonds are emerald cut worldwide, yet there has been a very high increase in the demand for these types of engagement rings. There are reasons why this is the case, besides its utter beauty. Here are a few things you need to know before searching for your perfect emerald cut diamond:

They look larger.

If you take a one carat emerald cut diamond ring and compare it to a one carat round diamond ring, it shows an average appearance of 5% more surface area, making the actual ring appear larger. The top surface of the ring will look larger, which means you’ll be getting “more” bang for your buck.

They make your fingers look slender.

Since emerald cut diamond rings are elongated, it gives off the illusion that your fingers are more slender than they really are. They truly add to the feminine features of the hand and will draw envious eyes wherever it shines.

They show clarity (or lack of) far more than other diamonds.

Although clarity is a beautiful thing in any ring, the problem with emerald-cut diamond rings is that if it is not cut by a professional and experienced jeweller, then you will be able to see the flaws far more easily than in round diamond rings.

They show colour. 

Quite simply, they stand out more. And that’s the purpose of you looking for one, isn’t it? You do have a choice on the grade of the colour you want to have – be it darker or lighter. This should be discussed with your jeweller beforehand to ensure you choose the right colour.

They have a more subtle sparkle.

Yes, diamonds sparkle at any glimmer of light; and that’s a fabulous thing indeed. Emerald cut diamonds are not as flashy. They do shimmer, of course, but at a lower key than round diamond rings. Although the allure of the emerald may be slightly more low-key, it is gorgeous in its own unique way, and that’s what attracts buyers today.


There is also the option of emerald cut look diamond rings, which are made of baguette and brilliant cut diamonds arranged in such a way to give the appearance of an emerald cut ring. The benefit of this option is that you can often lower the price of your purchase, but still have a ring that gives off a gorgeous sparkling effect.

Now that you know more about the uniqueness of emerald cut diamond rings, you can make a better decision when purchasing your engagement ring for your soon-to-be fiancée.

If you want more information about emerald cut diamond rings, don’t hesitate to contact us today! 

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