How to make your diamond engagement ring look bigger

How to make your diamond engagement ring look bigger

How the cut, design and what you wear affects perception

Diamond ring size

Size isn't everything, but sometimes bigger is better. Engagement rings are a celebration of a love that is larger than life. If you're in the market for an engagement ring, you want your chosen ring to look as impressive as it can.

  • Cut, colour and shape influence the perceived size of your diamond.
  • Size will also be affected by the design of your ring, the band you choose, and how many prongs cradle the centre stone.
  • Wearing other rings on the same hand, using vibrant nail polish, and general day to day dirt can detract from the brilliance of a diamond.

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Quality cuts

When it comes to size perception, cut is the most important of the 'four C's'; the other three being Carat, Clarity and Colour. When it comes to buying a diamond, you want yours to be a cut above the rest. The better the cut, the larger the stone will look on your hand.

  • The cut of a diamond determines the facets and angles that reflect light.
  • Diamonds with more brilliance and shine are usually of a higher quality cut.

Vibrant colours

Your ring doesn't need to be bound by conventional style. It's your engagement, your wedding and your relationship that you celebrating. Consider purchasing a diamond in a colour of your choosing.

  • Colourful gems alongside your diamond make your ring appear larger and more elaborate.
  • Diamonds, both lab grown and natural, come in a range of colours, including pink, gold, green and blue.

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Round shapes

The shape of your diamond has a drastic effect on how large it seems. Round, flat cuts look much bigger than finer, narrower cuts, although they may weigh the same.

  • Round and elongated diamonds tend to look larger than other shapes.
  • Cushion cut diamonds are usually a deeper cut, meaning more of the diamond is hidden from view.

Savvy designs

For a ring that looks larger than life, aim for a design that relies less on structure and more on displaying the middle stone as a centrepiece.


An engagement ring can go beyond the classic design of a gold band with a solitary stone at its head. Modern jewellery techniques can easily produce a range of memorable layouts that can make the central diamond seem larger.

  • Cluster additional stones around the centre stone to form a halo array.
  • Small stones on either side of the centre stone to make it seem larger.

Prongs and bands

Prongs and bands keep the diamond attached to your hand, and are an essential part of any engagement ring. However, these can be designed in a minimalist style to increase the prominence of the central stone.

  • A platinum or white gold wedding band can create the illusion of a larger stone.
  • Thin and delicate bands will also make the diamond stand out more on the hand.

Day to day

Once you've purchased a ring, there are several things you can do each day to make sure it's  reaching its full potential.

Wearing tips

If you want your diamond to stand out, it's important that you allow it to take centre stage on your hand. During the period of your engagement, it should be allowed to shine brightly, free from clutter.


Your diamonds will appear duller over time thanks to make up and other general dirt and grime. Give your diamond a quick clean at least once a month.

  • Soak the ring in water and dish soap for 40 minutes.
  • Only lightly scrub your ring with a soft bristled toothbrush - never a paper towel.
  • For a professional clean, take your ring to your local jeweller and they will restore its brilliance in no time.

For more cleaning tips, visit our Jewellery Care resources, or contact Bevilles online.

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