5 Anti-tarnishing tips to use when storing sterling silver jewellery

If you have invested in quality sterling silver jewellery, you will want to store it properly to avoid tarnishing and to keep it in good condition. Effective silverware storage is dependent on how well you protect it against air and moisture. We have compiled five easy and economical ways for you to ensure that your silver stays in perfect condition and avoids being damaged or blackened from tarnishing.

  1. A good anti-tarnishing box, made of wood and coated with a clear lacquer, will prevent tarnishing and other cosmetic appearance issues. Tarnish is a black film that develops on your silverware over time if not protected.
  2. Moisture adds to tarnishing and discoloration on sterling silver jewellery. To avoid this problem, store your silver pieces with plain blackboard chalk or silica gel in their storage boxes to absorb moisture. A piece of activated charcoal stored with your jewellery will effectively absorb the gases that cause tarnishing.
  3. Silver jewellery material is soft so it scratches easily. Wrap your silver jewellery in a soft cloth or protective re-sealable bag to avoid scratches and tangled jewellery thus ensuring they are always in peak condition. Tangled jewellery can also easily lead to broken jewellery.
  4. Uncoated wood, rubber, and newspaper can cause or hasten tarnishing, so keep all your silver away from these products.
  5. Do not use metal polishing products on your silver, instead use proper quality silver polishing products. Polishing can prevent air and water from reacting with your silver and tarnishing it.

Storing your silver appropriately will help to avoid tarnishing, and even though tarnishing is not the end of the world, it is difficult to remove. Take note that polishing silver too frequently or abrasively can lead to scratching or wear. Treating your sterling silver jewellery with the care it needs, will ensure you have beautiful jewellery that will last a lifetime.

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