What to consider when choosing a watch

In today’s times, a watch is not just a tool for telling time. The right watch can be a fashion accessory that enhances your dress style. The perfect watch will offer functionality, versatility and aesthetic value. If you’re in the market for a new one, use these top tips for choosing the perfect watch to get one that matches your individual personality and style.

Four factors to consider when choosing a watch: 

Do you like the style?

You’re buying a watch to be worn on your wrist, not one to be hidden at the bottom of your drawers. That's why it’s essential that the style you choose is one you love! Consider details like the case material and its construction, dial and bezel design and the weight. Opt for a timeless style that will match any outfit or one with an interchangeable band so you can change it to suit whatever you’re wearing, such as the Michael Kors Smart Watch with Crystals.


The watch market is a highly competitive one, and manufacturers compete for the attention of customers with innovative features and tools. While watches cannot yet make you invisible, they can do a whole host of other things like provide a stopwatch function, calorie and step counter, an alarm clock and even receive smartphone notifications. Find a watch that will give you the features most useful to you.

Consider your budget! 

Knowing your budget before you start watch shopping is important as it will direct you to watches you can buy. You’ll be surprised at the quality available in your price range! Bevilles has a range of watches for budgets of every size.

Does it suit your lifestyle?

You’ve chosen the watch with the look and features that you love at a price you can afford, but have you considered whether the watch will suit your lifestyle? If you’re a sporty or adventurous outdoors person, a sleek glass face watch might become damaged through rigorous activity. If you work in a corporate setting, a large bulky watch might look unusual against a formal suit.


Your new watch is an investment that you’ll most likely use for a good number of years. Discover our vast collection of watches for men and women online at Bevilles. You’ll be sure to find the perfect watch for you.

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