Bracelets you can gift this Christmas

A bracelet makes for an ideal Christmas gift. This simple piece of jewellery can carry a lot of meaning and is suitable for people of all ages! With many different types and styles of bracelets available today, there’s a lot of thought and care that goes into choosing the perfect one for a partner, family member, or friend. No matter their age or the nature of your relationship, a bracelet remains a timeless gift that is guaranteed to touch their heart. Here’s your guide to the various styles of bracelets available!

Tennis Bracelets 

Tennis bracelets are often chosen for their timeless elegance. It has a simple design and straight inline chain that can feature set stones such as diamonds or other kinds of gemstones. Choose the classic 9ct Yellow Gold Diamond Miracle Tennis Bracelet for a grand occasion or for more everyday wear, the Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Bezel Set Tennis Bracelet is a great choice.

Charm Bracelets

What better choice is there than a classic charm bracelet to show your love. This type of bracelet is ideal for lovers of this timeless bracelet style. Choose the 9ct Rose Gold Silver Infused Heart Charm Bracelet or the Personalised Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Bracelet for a meaningful gift.

Padlock Bracelets 

Padlock bracelets hold special meaning, symbolising everlasting love. Make a thoughtful gesture by gifting a Padlock Bracelet to your special someone this Christmas.


Bangle bracelet designs vary from the simple to the elaborate. This type of bracelet can be stacked and combined, allowing the wearer to build their own stylish jewellery set. Pair this classic 9ct Yellow Gold Golf Bangle with the glamorous 9ct Yellow Gold Silver Infused 6 Bezel Cubic Zirconia Oval Bangle.

Baby Bangles

New arrival in the family? Gift them their first piece of jewellery with a sentimental baby bangle. Choose the 9ct Yellow Gold Personalised Baby or Toddler ID Bangle for a personalised gift.


Want to get something unique? An anklet is perfect for the free spirit. Choose this Sterling Silver Infinity Anklet or the mystical Cubic Zirconia Evil Eye Anklet.  


Want to purchase a bracelet for your loved one this Christmas? Discover the full range of stunning bracelets at Bevilles online today.

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