Top Reasons to buy Sterling Silver Jewellery

Top Reasons to buy Sterling Silver Jewellery

Looking for an item of jewellery to wear every day? You’ll no doubt be seeking out something with considerably different qualities to the dramatic statement pieces that you’ll only wear on special occasions. Sterling silver is a great investment choice if you’re looking for something you can wear often, and is worth every cent you spend on it. Here are just some of the many reasons to consider Sterling Silver the next time you go shopping for jewellery.

  1. It lasts longer! Why purchase sterling silver jewellery when you can easily get something silver-plated for less? Whilst it’s true that Sterling Silver might cost a little more, unlike silver plating (which can fade when tarnished and is difficult to clean without damaging), it can be polished as needed without looking dull or dented.
  2. It’s strong! Sterling Silver isn’t 100% pure silver, which is a good thing. Pure silver is very soft, making it unsuitable for use in jewellery. Sterling Silver has been combined with other metals to harden and strengthen it, retaining enough delicacy to be successfully used in detailed and intricate designs.
  3. It’s versatile! Not only can Sterling Silver hold its own when worn alone, but it also can be worn along with gold, platinum, bronze, rose gold and even gemstones with ease. It’s a truly neutral metal that you won’t have to worry about ‘matching’ to the rest of your jewellery collection.
  4. It’s suitable for almost anyone! People with sensitive skin will understand the pain of seeing a beautiful pair of earrings that will only serve to irritate skin! That’s because a large amount of the population is allergic to nickel. As Sterling Silver is hypoallergenic, it can be worn by just about anyone! 
  5. It’s easy to wear! Silver is not only versatile, but it’s also lightweight, so you can wear it for long periods comfortably. This means you can experiment with dangling and chunky designs without feeling weighed down! 


Now that you know a bit more about why Sterling Silver makes such good a jewellery choice, you can find the items that you’re looking for by browsing our range of beautiful rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

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