How to match your jewellery to your wedding dress

How to match your jewellery to your wedding dress

When choosing jewellery for your wedding day, you want to ensure that you complement your bridal look, and don’t go overboard with too many pieces that clash with your wedding dress. Achieve the perfect wedding look with our top tips! 

Remain true to your personality and tastes.

Make sure you choose jewellery that is a reflection of your personal style. Doing this will ensure you feel comfortable and confident on your big day. Don’t be swayed by trends or opinions from family and friends as it can lead to you to choose wedding jewellery that doesn’t suit your look. It’s your day, and it’s your choice.

Pair jewellery with the neckline of your dress.

When choosing a necklace to wear on your wedding day, you need to make sure it doesn’t interfere with the design of your wedding dress.  

Common neckline styles include:

  • Strapless - best suited to a large pendant necklace.
  • Sweetheart – choose a small dainty necklace that sits just above the dress
  • Halter – no necklace is best so go for statement drop earrings
  • V-neck – choose a drop pendant
  • Off the shoulder – best suited to a small dainty necklace that sits close to the neck

Complement your hairstyle.

Earrings will add another element to your hairstyle and will draw attention to your face. Choose the right earrings to ensure they don’t get lost amongst your do. Diamond stud earrings are a classic jewellery piece that will suit any hairstyle while drop earrings are best suited to up-do's so they don’t become tangled in your hair. Pearl earrings will add a classic elegance to your look and hoop earrings are more modern.

Match your jewellery to your engagement ring and wedding band.

The most important jewellery on your wedding is by far your engagement ring and wedding band. The colour of these important pieces should be taken into account when picking wedding jewellery so they don’t clash. White gold wedding bands look great when paired with diamond jewellery, while pearl jewellery can suit gold and silver wedding bands. If you want to make a bold statement, you can also choose birthstone jewellery to inject some colour into your look.


The most important accessory is your self-confidence and your wedding jewellery should complement that. Bevilles has a fantastic range of exquisite wedding jewellery that will match a variety of wedding dress styles. Choose your favourite pair of earrings, necklace, or bracelet from our online catalogue.

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