Tips for choosing your groom's wedding band

Considering most men put so much effort into getting the perfect engagement ring for his special someone, it’s only right that the bride returns the favour on their wedding day with the perfect wedding band for him. Here are some of key considerations when purchasing your groom’s wedding ring.

The Right Price

It’s important that your expectations regarding the value of your wedding rings are on the same level. Not discussing this beforehand can result in rings that are mismatched in value and detail. We know that the wedding ring is not as glamorous or expensive as the engagement ring, but make sure that you on the same page when choosing your bands.

The Right Time

The best time to get your groom’s wedding band is when you’re getting your own, or perhaps you’ll even be able to pick it out together. This is helpful as you can choose rings that complement each other. If you were surprised by your proposal, make sure you consider your ring when picking out one for your groom. It’s common for the bridge and groom to purchase the other's ring! 

The Right Style

The style of ring your groom will wear is just as important as the style of your own. Keep your choices practical. If your partner works with his hands, you don’t want to pick a delicate metal, and you don’t want to pick a flashy design for a soft-spoken individual. The fit is important – as is timing. Don’t wait until you only have a couple of days left before your wedding to fit the band, as it could take one or two fittings to get it right.

Just because tradition dictates that the bride’s ring should take priority, it doesn’t mean it should. Spending time and effort to get the perfect wedding ring for your groom will ensure you’re both happy with this symbol of your union well into the future.


If you’d like help choosing a men’s wedding ring, get in touch with Bevilles today, or visit your nearest store. 

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