Should you consider purchasing a lab-created stone for your next jewellery purchase?

There are several terms that pop up when looking at jewellery online, such as carats (a unit of measurement for precious stones) and Pavé settings (placing stones so close together that no space can be seen between them). These are terms that have been around for quite some time, but one that has only recently made its way into our vocabulary is "created stone". What is a created stone? Is it worth adding to your jewellery selection criteria?

A created stone is identical to a genuine stone in composition and appearance; the only difference is that it has been created in a laboratory. The process used to manufacture a created stone is similar to the process used to create a mined stone. Both stones are composed of minerals that accumulate and are compressed over time, but when the process occurs in a lab, it is significantly sped up. As a result, you get a stone that many experts believe is superior to its genuine counterpart, as it has fewer flaws because it was manufactured in a constant, controlled pressure, as opposed to in unpredictable natural forces.

The benefits of a created stone also extends to pricing. Gems such as emeralds, opals and rubies are rare and expensive. A lab can create these in a few days, instead of the centuries it takes for their natural creation. The process to extract a mined stone is complex and dangerous and involves expensive machinery and skilled labour. Once a raw stone is mined, it will still need to be cut, refined, and polished.

A created stone is also much more environmentally friendly, as it forgoes the mining process mentioned above. Gemstone mining typically generates tonnes of silt and stone waste that has been known to pollute water sources and destroy nearby ecosystems.

A created stone makes a perfect substitute for a genuine one, if you want the same look and feel without the price tag and have concerns over the natural stone's origin.

Ultimately, only a gem expert with specialist magnifying equipment will be able to tell that it wasn't formed naturally. Therefore, you can enjoy a created stone that no one would know was manufactured, which can leave you with a clearer conscious and a happier wallet.

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