What does your engagement ring say about you?

When choosing an engagement ring, you’ll be presented with many options to choose from. The first major choice that you’ll need to make is to select the cut that will suit you or your partner best. Whether you’re shopping for engagement rings with them, or planning a surprise proposal, knowing what each cut communicates about the wearer will help you narrow down your options. 

The Round Cut Diamond – This fail-safe choice is one that’s popular with most women, as it offers the maximum amount of shine and sparkle. This cut is perfectly suited for someone with a more classic style. It's versatile and never dates, so it works well for a woman who wants a ring that pairs well with her outfits today, as much as it suits her style in thirty years’ time.
The Emerald Cut Diamond – This rectangular cut with rounded corners is unusual and bold, making it a choice people are sure to comment on. It’s a great selection for someone who likes bold and modern styles, and who doesn’t mind deviating from the norm. It’s also a cut that has transparent qualities, which means that what you see is what you get.
The Princess Cut Diamond – This cut is a spin on the traditional round shape and has a square appearance. It is a wonderful choice for someone with a more feminine taste. Having only been invented and popularised in the 1960s, the princess cut is a newcomer to the scene. It’s perfectly suited to a woman who embraces change and who isn’t afraid to combine the best elements of old and new to create something that suits her.
The Pear-Shaped Diamond – This is a timeless cut, also known as a ‘tear drop’, that is very popular at the moment. Its unique feminine style provides a wonderful sparkle that will certainly draw attention. This cut can have the effect of making the finger look slimmer and longer, and it's suggested that the pointy end of the diamond points towards the person wearing the ring. 


These are just some of the shapes of diamonds available for today’s engagement rings. Other choices include cushion, heart, marquise, asscher and radiant cuts. You’ll be sure to find the perfect cut for you or your partner at Bevilles

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