Your guide to choosing the right diamond shape for your engagement ring

Much like certain cuts of clothing can flatter and highlight a person’s figure, so too can the right cut of the diamond: the right cuts ensures an engagement ring is perfect. From the moment that you announce your engagement, you'll never be without the ring, which is why it is essential that it best suits your appearance and personality. Choose the right diamond shape for your engagement ring and you’ll be eager to show it off at every occasion.

Choosing your stone

Certain shapes of stone flatter more than others. If you’re petite with short fingers, lengthen their appearance by choosing a pear or oval diamond. If you have long and slim fingers you can go for slightly larger square shapes such as princess cut diamonds. Thick hands and fingers could also opt for larger stones and avoid petite round or heart shapes. Choosing an appropriate shape allows the stone to appear proportional to the person wearing it.

Choosing your band

Choosing the right kind of band is equally important to choosing your diamond cut, as one complements the other. Petite and short fingers could avoid thick and wide bands, as these take up too much space. On the other hand, women with larger hands could opt for these bands, as slim ones won’t seem as impressive.

Other factors to consider

Now that you know what cuts would suit your unique shape, you can consider other factors such as your budget, ring setting, and of course, your personality and taste. 

It’s natural that traditional personalities will be drawn to traditional shapes, such as square and round diamonds, with daring types drawn to unusual or asymmetrical shapes such as marquise and pear.

Remember that different stones look better in different settings, with standard cuts better suited to multi-stone settings and unusual cuts best placed by themselves without any accessories. The best way to see if a certain ring will suit you or not is to try it on to get a better grasp of which cut will flatter you.

Ultimately, it all comes down to your budget and whether or not what you’re looking for fits within your limit.


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