October to December - What does your birthstone say about you?

Birthstones make for unique choices when it comes to jewellery. In the final of our four-part series regarding what your birthstone says about you, we’ll cover the what the meaning behind the stones for October, November and December.


Coming from the Latin term ‘Opalus’, which means 'precious jewel', this gemstone is a true representation of hope and purity. Usually blue or white in colour with unique variations, Opals are highly sought-after for their sheer brilliance, as well as their healing and restoring qualities. In fact, some people used to wear Opal necklaces in their hope to repel any evil spirits.

You’ll find that people born in October harness peaceful and loving qualities, but are also able to read people around them and have good intuition.

NOVEMBER – Citrine

Known as 'the stone of the mind', Citrine is a yellow-golden member of the quartz mineral family and is often linked to higher mental and intellectual function. This means that people born in November are usually quite successful, so long as they are in control of their lives. It’s also associated with improving creativity and increasing self-esteem.

As a gemstone, Citrine is incredibly durable, but highly affordable and is a popular choice for budget-minded people.

DECEMBER – Tanzanite

This is one of the newest gemstones, discovered in the late 1960s in Tanzania – hence its name, given by Henry Platt of Tiffany and Co. – and remains quite exclusive to the area near the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. A rich velvety-blue or violet in colour, Tanzanite can be found in various shapes and sizes, mainly because of how affordable it is compared to other gemstones.

Tanzanite can be viewed differently from different angles and is believed to help turn destructive urges into constructive ones, and turn negative thoughts into positive ones. Therefore, you’ll find that people born in December are often easily-influenced by the kindness of others and are very loyal to their family and friends.

Now that you know what each month’s birthstone resembles and symbolises, you can pick the perfect gift for any upcoming birthday. To find suitable options, visit your nearest Bevilles store today.

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