July to September - What does your birthstone say about you?

Did you know that every month of the year has its own birthstone? If you know of someone expecting a birthday in July, August or September and aren’t sure what to get them for a gift as yet, our guide – the third in a series of four – can help you prepare in advance and learn a little general knowledge along the way.

JULY – Ruby

The word ‘ruby’ comes from the Latin word ‘rubens’, or red. You can get rubies ranging from light pink to deep red in colour. The stones most rich in colour are called Burmese rubies, which is where most rubies come from. This colouring is derived from chromium, and most rubies for sale are heat-treated to lock in their colour. 

Rubies are second only to diamonds in hardness. Despite this, the red colour gives it a natural association to love, passion and drama. It’s a perfect gift for someone with an intense and fiery personality.

AUGUST – Peridot

Peridot is less known, with unique light green hue. It’s one of the only gemstones that only exists in one colour and is generally found in volcanic sites, and on occasion, in meteorites.

The word ‘peridot’ comes from the Greek word ‘faridat’, which means ‘gem’. It’s one of the oldest stones to have been discovered, with early mentions of the stone dating back to 1500BC in ancient Egypt.

It’s evidently a great choice for a unique person, and it’s said to bring power and confidence to anyone wearing it.

SEPTEMBER – Sapphire

The Sapphire gets its name from the Greek word ‘sappheiros’ and its most popular form is a rich, velvety blue created by the mineral corundum.

The sapphire has long been associated with commitment, and was the centrepiece of the engagement ring French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte gave to his beloved Josephine, as well as the one Prince Charles used to propose to Princess Diana Spencer.

The sapphire is said to embody the qualities of steadfastness, truth and loyalty, making it a great choice for someone who fulfils these qualities in your life.

Watch out for next month’s blog, where we uncover the final three gemstones in our series: Opal, Topaz and Turquoise.

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