Silver Jewellery

Add a touch of luxury to any outfit with beautiful silver jewellery. Chic, classy and versatile, silver jewellery has always been associated with elegance and celebration.

Bevilles offers a stunning collection of classic and contemporary fashion jewellery, with silver rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, earrings and more. Whether you’re looking for a simple, delicate item or a chunky statement piece, our beautiful range of quality, cheap silver jewellery has something for everyone.   

Sterling Silver Jewellery

When you’re shopping for cheap silver jewellery online, it can be useful to understand the different types of jewellery you might find. The best quality silver jewellery will always be made from sterling silver. Pure silver is too soft to be used on its own, so silver jewellery is made from silver mixed with other metal alloys. Sterling silver jewellery is 92.5% pure silver. For this reason, you will often see the number 925 engraved on the piece.

Jewellery that is labeled silver-plated or silver-electroplated is not real silver jewellery, but is made from a cheaper metal and covered with a thin layer of silver. Often in these pieces, as little as 5% of the item is real silver. Over time, the coating will wear away. So if you are looking for jewellery that will last, it’s well worth paying a little extra for the quality of sterling silver jewellery.  

Silver jewellery can be handcrafted or machine made. Handmade sterling silver jewellery will necessarily be more expensive than mass-produced items, so this is important to keep in mind when looking for cheap silver jewellery.

Caring for Silver Jewellery

Sterling silver jewellery does tarnish over time, so you will need to regularly clean and polish it to maintain its sheen. Most silver jewellery will have a coating of lacquer to protect it from tarnishing, but this will wear off over time, giving it a dull look. Polishing it regularly and rinsing with warm water will bring back its brightness quickly, keeping it in good condition.

Chlorine, bleach and other household chemicals can also cause damage to the jewellery, so it’s a good idea to remove the piece when cleaning, swimming or bathing, and try to store it somewhere where it will be safe from accidental damage and scratching.

Shopping for Silver Fashion Jewellery Online

Bevilles specialises in classic and contemporary sterling silver jewellery for all occasions. Browse through our gorgeous collection of chic and elegant items now and choose the perfect piece for you. For beautiful, quality silver jewellery at affordable prices, there’s nowhere else but Bevilles.