How to best care for your diamond engagement ring

Few items of jewellery can match the look and feel of a diamond ring. It’s a life-long investment by you and/or your partner that lasts for decades… if you look after it! While diamonds are forever, once they’re placed in a ring, it becomes your responsibility to maintain it and keep the diamond looking as good as it did when you first laid eyes on it. To ensure your diamond engagement ring retains its lustre and sparkle as you wear it, make sure you give it the best possible care, following these simple tips.

When you store it:

If you keep your diamond ring in storage for even a short period of time, ensure it is kept separate from other items in a soft lined pouch or box, and away from heat and moisture. This is important for most rings, but particularly critical for emeralds, opals, pearls or other sensitive stones, as exposure to extreme heat or moisture can cause irreversible damage.

When you wear it:

Your skin needs moisture, but your diamonds don’t. Remove your ring when applying hand cream and only reapply it once it’s completely absorbed. Even small traces of lotion residue can tarnish and dull your ring. Avoid wearing your ring when cooking, cleaning, or exercising, and invest in a secure travel case so that you can keep it safe on the go. Hard knocks and exposure to harsh cleaners can damage your ring over time, so it’s best to keep it out of harm’s way altogether.

When you clean it:

It’s best if you aim to clean your ring once a month or so, but there’s no real harm in opting to get it professionally cleaned at a jeweller once a year. No strange ingredients such as vodka or toothpaste are needed here – just hot water and a small amount of dishwashing cleaner should be more than enough. A soft toothbrush is a good choice for gentle washing so that it won’t damage your ring.
Every year or so, it’s advisable to visit a jeweller who will check that the ring is in good order and ensure its settings are working and secure, as it can loosen over time. If your ring has sustained any kind of damage, they’ll be the best people to advise you on your best course of action.
For more information about caring for your diamond ring, take a look at our online jewellery care guide or get in touch with us anytime.