Children's Jewellery Guide

Children's Jewellery items are ideal gifts for births, birthdays, christenings, Christmas and various other special occasions in a youngster's life. Most Children's Jewellery items are classified as 'occasional pieces' and are recommended for ages 3+ as they are often delicate, requiring a certain level of care and maintenance. Children's Jewellery should always be kept clean, not only for aesthetic reasons but for the child's health and well-being.

Cleaning the item from time to time, with a suitable Polishing Cloth, will ensure the precious piece is spotless, sparkling and hygienic. Children's Jewellery should always be removed before sleep, bathing, playtime or any other physical activity, to avoid the likelihood of injury as well as damage to the piece. Well maintained Children's Jewellery makes lovely heirlooms that have sentimental importance and can be passed onto future generations.
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