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Pick the perfect necklace: A buying guide

A delicate necklace enhances any outfit, providing a bit of sparkle that helps you to step out feeling confident and fabulous.

 Necklaces are the perfect, personalised jewellery that shows the recipient how much you care. A locket necklace can hold symbolic significance and a cross necklace can represent your faith, while an opera necklace adds splendid style to your favourite garments.

But how to choose a necklace? Necklaces come in many beautiful styles and intricate designs, and may even include a decorative pendant with precious stones.

To choose a necklace, you need to think about the type, colour, and length of the chain. And if you want to add a pendant, what are the classic options? This guide will help you find the perfect necklace in no time.

Which necklace chain to choose

There are plenty of options available when you are choosing your necklace chain. You need to think about the type of chain, the type of chain material, and the desired length of the chain. Each of these factors will give your necklace a different look and feel.

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The type of necklace chain you want

Necklace chains come in different designs, usually distinguished by the shape of the links and the way the chain is held together.

A ball or bead chain

A ball or bead necklace chain is made from circular beads linked together with little metal bars. Although affordable, ball chains can break easily and may be hard to repair. They’re commonly used for dog tags and keychains.

A cable chain

One of the most common jewellery chains available, a cable chain uses interlocked oval links of the same size. If well-made, these chains can be exceptionally sturdy and are also easy to repair. They work perfectly with delicate pendants.

A rolo chain

A rolo chain is much like a cable chain, but with round links that give it a different feel. As with cable chains, they are sturdy, easy to repair, and work well with pendants.

A curb chain necklace

A beautiful necklace chain to wear solo, a curb chain uses oval or rounded, curved links that are twisted in a way so that they lay flat when worn.

Curb chains are durable, easy to repair, and work well with heavy pendants. In a chunkier form, they are a great necklace chain for men.

A figaro chain

A classic necklace chain, a figaro chain resembles a cable chain, but with the links varying in size. The most common pattern breaks up several small links with a longer oval link.

It adds a detailed element that makes this chain a great accessory on its own, though it can also be paired with a pendant.

Because of its design, it’s as strong as a cable chain but might not be as easy to repair. Chunkier figaro chains give the jewellery a masculine feel.

A Byzantine chain

A Byzantine chain, also called a 4-in-1 chain, combines oval links interlocking with bent links to create an appealing chain when worn alone.

It’s a sturdy choice that is best left on its own - the detail might distract from any pendant.

A box necklace chain

One of the sturdiest necklace chains around, a box chain has tightly-woven box-shaped links. It sits beautifully on the neck and supports a pendant nicely.

An anchor chain

An anchor chain, also called a mariner chain, is made up of oval links, each of which has a horizontal bar in the middle. They can be worn alone as a statement piece or with a pendant.

In a thicker width, an anchor chain is a great masculine option. It can also be repaired easily, making it a great chain for daily wear.

A rope necklace chain

A rope necklace chain contains twisted links that resemble a rope. Even when the chain is thin, it can be exceptionally sturdy and durable, although it is tricky to repair. It looks fabulous on its own and with a pendant.

A snake chain

Similar to the rope chain, a snake link chain features tightly locked links that make it look almost solid. It can be worn with or without a heavy pendant.

The design means the chain lays flat on the skin while the solid design makes it one of the sturdiest necklaces around. While it is durable, it may be difficult to repair given the complexities of its design.

Types of necklace chain materials

Necklace chains can be made of a variety of different metals, although the most common colours are silver, yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold.

Silver necklaces may be more affordable and durable. Depending on its purity, a gold necklace can be quite malleable so it may be prone to scratches or breakage.

Some necklace chains are plated in gold. While more affordable, it requires special care to keep it in good condition longer.

Learn more about different types of jewellery metals.

The different necklace lengths

Necklace chains are usually measured from one end to the other, including the clasp. The length of a necklace can make a huge difference to the final look and will affect how the necklace sits on your chest.

Collar necklaces

The shortest of necklaces, a collar necklace rests right above the collarbone. It sits flush against the skin and looks fabulous when worn with low necklines or off-the-shoulder tops.

Choker necklaces

Shorter necklaces, often called chokers, are great for small pendants. These classic necklaces have been around for centuries but come in and out of fashion.

They typically sit above the collarbone and accentuate your neckline, particularly if you are wearing a top or dress with a v-neck or scoop neck design. Older styles sit very high on the neck.

Princess necklaces

A slightly longer necklace (about 45cm) is often called a princess length and dangles just over the collarbone. It is the most common necklace length and frequently considered the most flattering.

Matinee necklaces

Usually about 55cm long, matinee necklaces fall between the collarbone and the centre of the bust. A matinee necklace is often paired with other necklace lengths to create stylish layering. It looks fabulous when worn with a turtleneck top.

Opera necklaces

Long necklaces of 60cm or longer are often called opera necklaces. They add elegance to simple outfits by creating a statement piece.

They can be worn over your clothing, alone or with a heavy pendant. They typically fall just below your bust line.

Alternatively, they can be folded over two or more times to add volume and create the illusion of wearing multiple necklaces.

Lariat necklaces

A lariat necklace, also called a rope or Y necklace, is a long necklace (about 80cm) without a clasp. Instead, the chain is tied or pulled through a circular adornment.

At its fullest length, it sits at or below the belly button but it can be wrapped around the neck multiple times or tied off at any length.

What are the different types of necklace pendants?

Necklace pendants can be bought with a chain or separately. But it’s important to have a pendant and a chain that complement each other.

Here are some helpful rules when choosing your pendant:

  • The pendant should be lighter than the chain, or the same weight.
  • The colours of the pendant and the chain should complement each other.
  • Make sure the chain doesn’t take attention away from the pendant. If you have a decorative pendant, opt for a simple chain.

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A solitaire pendant

A solitaire pendant describes a simple, single gemstone pendant held by a precious metal chain.

The pendant is kept in place with a metal fastener called a bail. You can have single or double bails, which are either a single metal hoop or two metal hoops keeping the pendant in place.

Solitaire pendants are available in a variety of shapes, typically:

  • Round - the gemstone has a circular cut that makes it particularly sparkly.
  • Princess - the gemstone has a square cut known for its elegant style.
  • Cushion - the gemstone has a square cut with soft corners and edges.
  • Oval - the gemstone has an oval cut.

A halo pendant

A halo pendant features a single gemstone encircled by smaller gems. Its decorative design makes it a beautiful choice for special occasions.

These central gemstones can be virtually any gem, and come in the same shapes as solitaire pendants - round, oval, cushion, or princess.

A halo pendant usually has either a coloured central gemstone or a large central diamond surrounded by smaller accent diamonds.

A classic pendant

A classic pendant is always a safe and stylish choice. Classic pendants vary in designs, from hearts to keys, but are usually made from gold or silver with a precious stone or pearl decoration.

Classic pendants make great gifts for special occasions. For example, a heart necklace or a love knot necklace is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

A locket necklace

A locket pendant is made up of two opening parts, which usually have room for a photograph or two. Locket necklaces are almost always oval or heart-shaped and are a beautiful gift to a loved one.

A cross necklace

Cross necklaces are most commonly worn for religious reasons and resemble the crucifix. The cross pendant can be plain or decorated, simple metal or embellished with gemstones.

A slide pendant

A slide pendant usually has two openings in the back of the pendant, allowing the pendant to slide freely from side to side as the chain moves.

A three stone pendant

As its name suggests, a three stone pendant features three stones arranged in a pyramid or vertically. The stones might increase in size from top to bottom.

An initial pendant

Initial necklaces feature the first initial in a person’s name and are a fabulous, personalised jewellery piece for a birthday girl. Initials may be etched into metal or moulded into shape and decorated with gemstones.

A roundel pendant

A roundel pendant is usually a doughnut-shaped, beaded pendant. The chain is threaded through the hole. Roundel pendants can be decorated with minute gemstones or etched with a pattern or design.

Get more styling tips for your pendant necklace.

Choosing the right personal necklace

The right necklace is ultimately the one that makes you (or the recipient) feel fabulous.

At Bevilles, we have a selection of quality necklaces that will enhance your outfit and elevate your mood. Take a look at the collection today and find a beautiful piece that makes the perfect present.


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