The Best Style Tips For Wearing A Pendant Necklace

We wear mascara to highlight our eyes and make them stand out – we paint our nails to enhance the look of our hands and give them that feminine appeal. In the same way, when it comes to our outfits, adding a pendant necklace can bring out a whole lot more than you ever thought.

Here’s what a pendant necklace can do for you in any situation:

Casual wear:

Let’s talk about those tight blue jeans (torn or not) with a plain white T-Shirt. Most people would not imagine a pendant necklace would suit this look. However, think about it – this is the precise place it would work. The simplicity of your clothes combined with the sophistication of the necklace will make your outfit so much more stunning.

Work wear:

To create a truly unique look at the office, add a pendant necklace to your work attire. When you start to feel that your outfits are becoming a bit plain and boring, any necklace, but in particular a pendant, can not only help you shine, but it will help you feel re-invigorated about what you wear to work.

Formal wear: 

Finally, the fun part… You’re going out on a date or just for some drinks with the girls. You want to stand out, not just with the new outfit you picked up and the high-heels you can’t wait to put on, but you also want to add a little something extra. Now is your chance to show off that pendant necklace with its shimmering glow, making your night one to remember. It’s a centrepiece, and you’ll soon be the centre of attention.


Here are some quick tips when it comes to accessorising with your pendant:

  • Don’t overdo it by wearing big earrings – this will take away the attention from the pendant necklace and you may end up looking 'too busy'.
  • Turtlenecks and collar shirts work great with pendants. Try it out.
  • For a more playful look, layer your pendant with other necklaces of different lengths to show your stylish flair.
  • Pull your hair back to keep all the focus on the pendant.


Now that you have all the information you need, you can go off and wear your pendant necklace with a range of outfits. Remember also that it depends on the pendant you choose. They come in all shapes, sizes and stones. Match them up or if you’re confident in your look, mix-and-match them – it all depends on your personal style and your level of confidence.


If you’re looking for the perfect pendant necklace, shop online today.

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