Hoops, Studs Or Drop Earrings – Which Will Suit You Better?

Earrings are the must-have staple in any jewellery collection. Because the ears are so close to the face, earrings tend to attract more attention and be more immediately visible than other types of jewellery. That’s why it’s essential to choose them carefully!

You know jewellery is what puts the polish on any look, but how do you know whether to wear studs, hoops or drops? With so many great designs and styles available, finding the perfect pair can be a challenge.

Don’t stress, because we’ve done the hard work for you. Here are some factors to consider when you’re unsure of what type of earrings to buy for yourself or someone you love.

How to choose the perfect earring style:


Studs are the most classic earring design. Their simplicity makes them both functional and versatile – and simple doesn’t have to equal boring. They can be both understated and casual, but also elegant and sophisticated, with designs featuring diamonds or coloured gemstones. 



Hoops are the most flattering style of earrings for those with longer face shapes or strong, angular jawlines, but they do also look great on everyone. You can opt for an elegant style or perhaps create a more relaxed vibe with large silver hoops. Just choosing a different style of hoop earrings can change your look completely. 


Drop or dangle earrings are eye-catching, and can be used to make a bold fashion statement. This style looks particularly good if you’ve got a round or heart-shaped face, but as with hoops, if you choose the right style, drops will look fantastic on anyone.

Drop earrings should ideally rest below the earlobe. Avoid drops that are too long (shoulder-length) as these can get caught on clothing, which can be dangerous.


Looking for the perfect set of earrings for your style? Our diverse range of earring designs will add an element of sparkle to your look. Whether you’re looking for yellow, white or rose gold earrings, plain or adorned with diamonds, we’ve got a pair you’ll love. Browse our online collection today! 

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