Express Your True Style with a Timeless Gold Necklace

Bevilles is proud to present these timeless gold necklaces for you and those you love most. Our latest collection of gold necklaces has been thoughtfully designed with precious stones, on-trend pendants and premium metals to suit all occasions.

Classic or modern, bling or subtle, our necklaces are crafted to suit every jewellery taste. And with quality construction, these gold necklaces offer exceptional quality, ensuring you get remarkable pieces that will stand the test of time.

Discover Gold Necklaces & Pendants to Suit Your Taste

For a gold necklace that adds style to any look, a yellow gold silver infused curb chain necklace is a tasteful and timeless piece you’ll love wearing day in day out, especially as the silver adds extra durability for everyday wear. Or choose the ultimate in stylish simplicity with a dainty figaro chain gold necklace.

For a fabulous gift idea, our Marquise shaped 9ct yellow gold necklace with opal and diamonds is an elegant and stylishly designed necklace that will tone in with any outfit thanks to the iridescent neutral tones of the opal.

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Show your partner how much you care or treat yourself to a wonderful gold necklace. We also stock a wonderful variety of name necklaces and children’s necklaces too.

Bevilles has been helping Australians find the perfect jewellery for over 80 years. We invite you to visit one of our stores, where our experts will be happy to help you find the perfect gold necklace. Or shop now and receive free shipping over $100 Australia-wide.


Gold Necklaces FAQs

How do you wear long gold necklaces?

From chunky gold necklace chains to gold pendants, gold necklaces are always in style. We’re sure they’ll look great no matter how you wear them, but some looks are especially flattering and en vogue. 

By visually elongating, a long gold necklace is just perfect for round or square shaped faces. Highlight your long gold necklace with a block coloured sweater or turtleneck during the day, and over your favourite flowing dress at night. 

Wearing multiple necklaces can also add complexity to a look and produce some spectacular results. Try pairing a handful of thin chain necklaces of varying lengths and hues together for eclectic bliss. 

How to clean gold necklaces?

Cleaning your gold necklace is a breeze with this easy at-home method. And it’s safe on gold and diamonds, so it doesn’t matter if your gold necklace is solid gold or encrusted with diamonds. 

Get a regular sized bowl and soak your gold necklace in warm water with a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid, just not too much. Leave for about 30 minutes. Next, gently brush your gold necklace with a soft toothbrush, rinse it off, and dry with a cloth. 

If you still notice some stubborn grime or grease, you can try soaking your gold necklace in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes, but be careful. Leave it too long and it’ll likely damage your piece. We recommend cleaning your gold necklaces once a month to keep them looking their best. Visit our Jewellery Care page for more tips. 

How do you store gold necklaces so they don't tangle?

It can be mighty frustrating trying to untangle a mound of gold pendant necklaces, chain necklaces and chunky gold necklaces. Not to mention the damage it can cause. Spare yourself the agony by ensuring that your gold necklaces are kept separated. 

The easiest way to do this is by keeping them in a soft, well-designed jewellery box, stand or tray. Or you can keep them in some individual lined pouches. These solutions will also protect your gold necklaces from cleaning products, cosmetics, and too much direct sunlight and moisture, all of which are potentially harmful to gold.