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Jewellery Boxes & Accessories Buyers Guide

A jewellery box isn’t just a practical storage solution for your jewellery. It keeps your precious pieces detangled, organises them so you can find every piece easily, and (if it has velvet lining) polishes them up to keep their sparkle fresh.

In fact, if you have high-quality jewellery pieces, keeping them in an enclosed box so they’re not exposed to the air, ensures they stay in a better condition for longer.

Jewellery boxes have been around for centuries but today you have more options than ever. They are available in a variety of materials, sizes, and styles.

You can choose beautiful ornamentations or keep it minimal. Or you can choose a modern jewellery storage alternative, such as a jewellery stand, tree or roll.

As an important embellishment in your room, your jewellery box needs to suit your style as well as your jewellery collection. So we’ve collected together all your options to help you make the right decision for your needs.

What is the best jewellery box?

It isn’t easy to pick a jewellery box but what you end up choosing ultimately comes down to your preferences.

Think about the amount and type of jewellery you own. If you collect a lot of necklaces, you might want a jewellery tree. If you own many rings, you might want a jewellery box with plenty of ring rolls. Or if a specific watch or bracelet is your statement piece, a jewellery stand might suit you better.

Likewise, if you have a large collection and plenty of space, you can indulge in a large jewellery box. But if you only use a few jewellery pieces every day, a jewellery dish or stand might serve you better.

With our stackable jewellery boxes, you might even be able to custom-design the perfect jewellery box to your collection.

What to consider when buying a jewellery box

As you can see, the best jewellery box is the one that serves you perfectly. So consider which material, features and compartments you need.

What is your jewellery box made of?

These days, jewellery boxes are available in a variety of materials, from soft leather or traditional wood to velvet, glass and ceramic.

Durable and elegant, wood has always been a popular material for jewellery boxes. Oak and mahogany are most commonly used.

Wooden jewellery boxes can be small or large, lightweight or heavy, carved or plain. They may feature just one compartment or they may be used for an ornate armoire.

Most wooden jewellery boxes have hinged lids, although it’s not uncommon to have detachable lids on these styles. The interior often features polished wood without fabric.

Leather jewellery boxes

A popular option for male jewellery boxes (called valets), travel cases, and jewellery rolls, leather-covered jewellery boxes are modern and classy yet durable.

Vegan leather is gaining popularity as an eco-friendly alternative that is more customisable to your needs. It’s also more durable as it doesn’t soften like real leather.

Glass or ceramic jewellery boxes

Since they’re easy to break, glass or ceramic jewellery boxes are more about their aesthetics than their function.

Glass jewellery boxes may be made entirely of glass or be designed with a combination of wood or metal frames with an ornamental, hinged glass lid. They don’t usually come with separate compartments.

Velvet jewellery boxes

Velvet is one of the most popular fabrics used in jewellery boxes, both for the inside lining and to cover the exterior. It’s soft on the eye and the fingertips, giving it a delicate, feminine look.

The beauty of velvet is that it protects your jewellery while also gently polishing it, even as it lies in storage.

Velvet jewellery boxes can be any design, shape or size, but it’s common for them to come with multiple compartments or trays. They’re particularly common with stackable jewellery boxes.

A mirror with your jewellery box?

Many jewellery boxes are fitted with a mirror. For smaller jewellery boxes, the mirror is often found on the inside of the hinged lid. Larger jewellery boxes or armoires may feature a mirror on either the inside or the outside of a door.

How many compartments do you want, and what styles?

The most practical jewellery boxes come with several compartments and separate trays to suit the different types of jewellery.

When you’re choosing a jewellery box, consider your jewellery collection and find a box that best caters to it. Even better, custom create your own jewellery box with a stackable box.

For example, you can choose deep or shallow trays, often called compartment layers, for your need. You can then further customise to your needs with charm bars for your extra bracelet charms, ring rolls, and watch and bracelet pads.

The different types of jewellery boxes

From stackable jewellery boxes to travel jewellery cases and rolls, there are many different types of boxes you can choose from to serve your needs.

Classic jewellery box or chest

A jewellery box, also called a jewellery chest, is the most common style. Because of this, jewellery boxes are available in a variety of sizes, colours, designs and materials.

Distinctive features:

  • Typically large enough to fit all your jewellery but small enough to fit on your dresser
  • Compartments and trays specially designed for each jewellery piece
  • A hinged top, often with a mirror on the interior side
  • Soft internal lining to protect and polish your pieces

Smaller jewellery boxes, often called keepsake boxes, contain just one compartment but are notable for their decorative features. They’re often a centrepiece in themselves.

Alternatively, larger jewellery chests might have drawers, trays and compartments. The top compartment is often covered with a hinged lid that contains a mirror.

Jewellery armoire

If a jewellery chest won’t contain all your jewellery, the next best option is a jewellery armoire, often large enough to be considered furniture in its own right. Smaller jewellery armoires can be placed atop your dresser.

Distinctive features:

  • Huge - they’re often furniture in their own right
  • Narrow side compartments with hooks to hang necklaces, bracelets and chains
  • Multiple padded drawers varying in size or height
  • Large mirrors, usually inside the lid of the top compartment or on a door

Armoires are suitable for those with large and expensive jewellery collections that need safe-keeping.

Wall jewellery box

As the name suggests, a wall jewellery box can be mounted on a wall like a (more decorative!) medicine cabinet.

Distinctive features

  • Mounted on wall
  • Bigger than a standard jewellery box but more compact than an armoire
  • Long mirror inside
  • Many internal compartments of varying sizes

As with a jewellery armoire, you will find space to hang necklaces, bracelets and chains, as well as slots for rings and shelves for broaches and watches.

A beautiful addition is an eye-level mirror, which makes it easy for you to try on your jewellery and step out feeling fabulous.

Wall jewellery boxes are perfect if you have limited space in your bedroom, or if you prefer the minimalist touch in a modern apartment.

Stackable jewellery box

The beauty of a stackable jewellery box, also called a layered box, is in its ability to be customised exactly to your needs. You can design your box to serve your jewellery collection perfectly.

Distinctive features:

  • Totally customisable
  • The top layer typically has a hinged lid
  • Interior compartments usually feature a luxurious, velvet lining

You can personalise your stackable jewellery box with multiple compartment layers, each with a different layout. Create multiple sections within your layers, with watch pads, ring rolls or charm bars. Or select a deep, open layer for larger showpieces.

Travel jewellery box

Carry your jewellery collection in safety wherever you go with a compact, protective jewellery box designed for travel.

Distinctive features

  • Usually made from a soft outer fabric with luxurious velvet lining internally
  • Curved edges to fit snugly in your suitcase
  • Various internal compartments to carry and protect your favourite pieces
  • A zip to keep the box closed during travel

Travel jewellery boxes are available in a variety of sizes to cater to different jewellery collections. Some travel boxes come with additional smaller cases to protect your finest pieces.

Take a look at our finest travel jewellery cases today.

Jewellery roll

Carry your sparkle wherever you go. Jewellery rolls are fabric pouches that protect and polish your jewellery. Their very softness makes them practical for travel.

Distinctive features:

  • A roll usually made from a piece of fabric or leather
  • Pockets to hold your jewellery
  • Compact and light

To ‘open’ your jewellery roll, you simply unroll it so it becomes flat and reveals the pockets that store your jewellery. When you’re done, you roll the pouch into a cylinder and secure it with a band.

Musical jewellery box

Many women will fondly remember their first jewellery boxes. These jewellery boxes are a popular children’s gift, thanks to their charm. Upon opening, music plays. Most children’s music boxes feature a ballerina that twirls along with the music.

Distinctive features:

  • Usually made from heavy cardboard
  • Small in size
  • Contains a small mirror
  • Inexpensive
  • Plays music when the lid is opened
  • Many feature a ballerina or spinning figure

Most musical boxes today are simple in design, though they may feature padded compartments or trays.

Jewellery stand or tree

Jewellery stands and trees are becoming trending alternatives to a jewellery box. Jewellery stands often take the shape of cones and are a fabulous choice if you have a favourite bracelet or watch you wear every day. Smaller cones perfectly house a number of rings.

Jewellery trees are typically more ornamental and are perfect for untangling your necklaces and bracelets. Some jewellery trees have holes for your studs.

Have a look at our elegant jewellery stands online.

Customise your jewellery box to serve your needs

A jewellery box should ultimately suit your budget, style and needs. So the best option might be a customisable jewellery box you can personalise entirely to your jewellery collection.

At Bevilles, we have a selection of quality stackable jewellery boxes that will enhance your dresser and keep your beautiful jewellery looking fabulous. Take a look at the collection today and start customising a stylish yet practical piece your collection deserves.


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