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Buying guide: Finding a fabulous bracelet

A bracelet is a beautiful accessory to inspire confidence whether you’re dressing up for a formal event or looking to personalise a casual outfit.

But bracelets come in so many different styles, materials, and colours. How do you choose the perfect piece?

You need to think about the type of bracelet you want, the colour, and the size. Do you want to personalise the bracelet with a nameplate or a few charms? This guide will help you decide.

There’s something for everyone with these different types of bracelets

When it comes to choosing a bracelet, you might be overwhelmed with options. A bracelet is all about delivering a joyful experience, so you want to get something you - or the person you’re buying for - truly deserve.

Here are some of the most beloved bracelet styles that have lasted through the ages.

Chain bracelets

Chain bracelets are the most classic type of bracelet - and likely the first style of bracelet that comes to your mind.

A chain bracelet is flexible, made up of small, interconnected loops and a clasp. Chain bracelets are usually made of precious metals, including sterling silver, rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold, as well as stainless steel.

The look and style of a chain bracelet can vary dramatically depending on the type of chain used.

A curb link bracelet

A curb chain features oval or rounded, curved links twisted in a way that allows the chain to lay flat against your skin. They can be quite chunky, making them a great bracelet chain for men.

A figaro chain bracelet

A figaro chain has interlocked oval links of different sizes that often follow a pattern (such as several small links followed by a long oval link). The detailing makes them a stunning accessory on their own, although this chain is commonly paired with an identification plate as well.

A rope bracelet chain

This gorgeous bracelet contains twisted links that resemble a rope. The thick chain is sturdy and durable and looks fabulous worn alone or with a pendant.

A wheat chain bracelet

A wheat chain bracelet resembles an ear of wheat with four strands of teardrop-shaped oval and twisted oval links that are woven together to create an intricate pattern.

A belcher chain bracelet

Originating from 18th-century Britain, a belcher chain has uniform, round links that are wider than they are thick.

Adjustable bracelets

A bolo or slider bracelet has an adjustable slide that holds together the two ends of the bracelet. This clasp slides back and forth along the bracelet chain to loosen or tighten it.

Bolo and slider bracelets are great for anyone who struggles to find the right size bracelet or just can’t fix a clasp one-handed (we have all been there!).

Bangle bracelets

Bangles are one of the most popular bracelet styles around and the jangling of multiple bracelets on your wrist can alone inspire confidence.

Bangle bracelets don’t have any kind of latch, clasp, or fastener - they are just one single, unbroken piece of metal, wood, or stone. To put them on, you slide your hand through the bangle.

It sits loosely on your wrist so it tends to slide about. You can wear a single bangle as a statement piece or wear several bangles as a stack.

Cuff bracelets

Like bangles, cuff bracelets have no clasp or latch and are a single, solid piece of material. But they have an opening between the two ends of the bracelets, which allows you to slide the cuff onto your wrist without pulling it over your hand.

Since they don’t need to take your hand width into account, cuff bracelets can be narrower so they sit more closely against your skin without sliding about. They can also be adjusted by squeezing the gap closer together.

Charm bracelets

Youthful and elegant, charm bracelets feature a chain bracelet with pendants or charms attached. Charms are particularly popular as gifts for birthdays and special occasions because they can be so easily personalised.

Charm bracelets can even be personalised according to your daily mood or preference, since the charms themselves may easily be removed and added to the bracelet.

Beaded bracelets

Particularly popular as a bracelet for men, beaded bracelets come in all colours and styles.

These bracelets string together beads made of anything from wood, stones, or gemstones to precious metals.

Some beaded bracelets might inspire a bohemian feel in your daily look while others have a spiritual or religious significance. They can also be stacked together or combined with other bracelet styles.

ID bracelets

An ID bracelet, also known as a name bracelet, is a chain bracelet with an identification plate, on which you can inscribe whatever you wish. This engraved bracelet is popular as a personalised jewellery gift featuring the recipient’s name.

Padlock bracelets

Also sometimes called gate bracelets, padlock bracelets feature a chunkier chain that is fastened by a heart-shaped padlock.

Bracelets with locks and keys represented love and fidelity back in the Victorian era. But today, they are just as suitable as gifts for significant birthdays or events, such as a graduation or anniversary.

Tennis bracelets

Not just for tennis aficionados, tennis bracelets are usually a line of diamonds embedded in a chain. Also called infinity bracelets, they are undoubtedly one of the most classic and sophisticated bracelets a woman could own.

What size bracelet am I?

Wrap a tape measure around your wrist where you plan to wear the bracelet. If you don’t have a measuring tape, wrap a piece of ribbon or paper around you, mark where the end of the strip meets the start, and measure the length against a ruler.

A comfortable bracelet usually allows two fingers to fit easily between the bracelet and your wrist so add a bit of wiggle-room to the circumference of your wrist. An extra 2cm usually makes a comfortable fit.

If you’re buying a bracelet as a gift, try to find the opportunity to measure one of the recipient’s existing bracelets. If that fails, choose an adjustable bracelet, such as a bolo or slider bracelet.

How to care for your new bracelet

To keep your bracelet looking beautiful, make sure it is the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off at night.

Following these few other guidelines can ensure that your bracelet maintains its beauty and sparkle well into the future:

  • Remove your bracelets before swimming, bathing, or showering.
  • Try to limit contact between your bracelets and creams, detergent, oils, perfumes, or lotions.
  • Protect your bracelets against chemical products or corrosive elements, such as soap, perspiration, water, or extreme temperatures.
  • Polish silver or gold bracelets with a soft polishing cloth to maintain that sparkle.
  • Polishing cloths don’t remove scratches so protect your bracelet with a jewellery box or case with dedicated slots for charms and bracelets.

How to choose the right bracelet

With bracelets available in so many styles and materials, it can be tricky to decide what to buy. Ultimately, it comes down to whatever you think will make you (or your recipient) feel confident and beautiful.

If you are shopping for a bracelet for a friend or loved one, pay attention to the types of jewellery they already own or wear frequently. Do they favour silver or gold? Do they prefer simple sophistication? Gemstones? Chunky jewellery? These details will help inform your shopping experience.

At Bevilles, we have a selection of bracelets for sale online. Browse our collection today to find a beautiful piece that inspires confidence.

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