Your guide to eternity rings

Your guide to eternity rings

Show your partner your everlasting love for them

Eternity rings are a wonderful way to show your partner you are committed to your love for them. Whether you're in a committed long-term relationship or celebrating a major milestone in your marriage, present your partner with an eternity ring to show your everlasting love for them.

At Bevilles, we're committed to ethically sourcing diamonds and we have a wide range of eternity rings to suit you.

What is an eternity ring?

An eternity ring is a circular band embedded with diamonds or gems. A ring must feature these stones either halfway around or all the way around the band to be considered an ‘eternity ring’.

Who came up with the concept?

The ancient Egyptians were among the first people to think that love between partners could last forever – even beyond death. Inspired by Ouroboros, the symbol of a snake eating its own tail, they invented the eternity ring to represent endless love.

In the middle of the 1950s, a high quantity of smaller diamonds came on the market – the kind of diamonds perfect for eternity rings. American jeweller, De Beers, made eternity rings popular again by running a campaign to 'reinvent' them.

Eternity rings vs marital rings

You’re probably wondering how these rings are different from your typical engagement rings or wedding bands. While both rings represent love, eternity rings aren’t bound by the convention of marriage. So, if you love someone – no matter who it is or how long you’ve been together – you can give them an eternity ring.

The breakdown:

  • Engagement rings: Represent commitment or intention to marry.
  • Wedding rings: Celebrate the union of marriage or civil partnership.
  • Eternity rings: The continuation of the union of marriage or partnership.

Design features

You can buy eternity rings in two styles. A full eternity ring features diamonds all the way around, while a standard eternity ring holds half the amount of diamonds.

Band setting

The way these diamonds, or stones, are set in the band differ, too. You can purchase an eternity ring which features: 

  • A claw set band: This is the traditional setting. Four prongs rising from the band hold the diamonds securely in place.
  • A channel set band: The diamonds are placed into a metal channel where the stones flow in a continuous row. They’re set tightly against each other and the end result is a streamlined design.
  • Pavé set: Pavé (similar to pavement) set eternity rings resemble cobblestones laid closely together.
  • Cut down set: This type of eternity ring has no visible strip of metal either side of the diamonds. 

Diamond cut

Diamonds can be cut in a variety of ways. Some of the more popular cuts include:

  • Round: Also known as 'round brilliant', this is the most popular diamond cut.
  • Princess: You'll find this style in two shapes – rectangular and square. The colour of the diamond shows in the corners as well as in the centre, a trait unique to this cut.
  • Cushion: Sometimes called a pillow cut diamond, this is a timeless style which features rounded corners and larger facets.
  • Marquise: This is the perfect cut for maximising carat weight by emphasising the size of the diamond. It can make your fingers look longer and more slender thanks to its unique shape.
  • Emerald: This cut features rectangular facets step-cut into the diamond's pavilion. It has a large rectangular table which will emphasises any colour you add to your design.
  • Pear: Also known as a 'teardrop', the slender pear shaped diamonds have been cut to produce maximum brilliance.
  • Oval: Oval cut diamonds pair easily with other rings, so it's a perfect style for an eternity ring.
  • Asscher: Similar to an emerald cut, an asscher cut is an older style originating from the 1920s. It's perfect if you love antiques! It can't hide blemishes the way a round brilliant cut can.


Bevilles jewellery guide

Understand the value of each unique diamond, and adopt the proper diamond care practices, using our detailed diamond guides. At Bevilles, our diamond jewellery experts are dedicated to helping you make find a diamond that suits your style and budget. 


When you buy an eternity ring, you can choose to incorporate gemstones in the design for a pop of colour. This works best with white diamonds, and gems like rubies and blue or pink sapphires are popular options.

Who would wear an eternity ring?

Traditionally, eternity rings were given to couples who have been married between 10-55 years. Nowadays, couples give each other eternity rings for a variety of occasions – regardless of how long they've been together.

Which finger do you wear an eternity ring on?

The eternity ring is designed to sit with your marriage or partnership set. Most people wear it between the wedding band and the engagement ring. But, really, it's up to you. You can place it first, wedding band second and engagement last or vice versa. Some people even wear it on the ring finger of the opposite hand. 

And if you don't have the marital rings? Then wear it on the ring finger in place of an engagement ring or wedding band.

Celebrity inspiration

Some of our favourite celebrities wear eternity rings. Who wears it best?

Meghan Markle

To celebrate the birth of their first son, Archie, Prince Harry ordered a custom-designed eternity ring. The underside of the delicate ring features a birthstone for each member of their new family – emerald for Archie, blue sapphire for Harry and an olive-green peridot for the duchess.

Kim Kardashian

When she was engaged to Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian wore a 20.5-carat emerald (square) cut engagement ring with an emerald-cut eternity band. It's completely over the top and utterly Kardashian.

Nicole Kidman

The Aussie actress now wears an eternity ring to celebrate over a decade of marriage to Keith Urban. It features brilliant round cut diamonds in a channel setting and pairs with her antique-style engagement ring perfectly.

Bevilles' range of eternity rings

We've got a wide a range of eternity rings of all styles at Bevilles, priced competitively so you don't have to break the bank to celebrate your love.


We've talked at length about the kinds of eternity rings you can get but, sometimes, simple is best. Check out our:


Then again, sometimes you do want to go all-out. If you're the kind of person who loves to be the centre of attention, you'll love these rings.


Your love is unique, so your ring should be, too. From the ring shape to the design, you won't have to worry about seeing these rings on other people's fingers.

Whether you're looking to renew your love, celebrate the birth of your first child with your partner or simply want to let someone know you will love them forever, say it with an eternity ring.

At Bevilles, we pride ourselves on practising ethical diamond sourcing protocols. You don't have to feel guilty buying one of our diamond rings.

Bevilles has a range of diamond eternity rings for every budget – browse our online catalogue, and check out our diamond guide and diamond care instructions, today!

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