Engagement Ring vs Wedding Ring – the difference between the two

You’re all set to pop the question and ready to buy an engagement ring for the one you love. However, with traditions ever-changing and more and more options becoming available, many may ask themselves – what’s the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring?

In short, think of the engagement ring as the main event, and the wedding ring as the encore. Engagement rings are often the shining light, they stand out and are the key piece of jewellery. Your love should be enough for her to say “yes”, but to wow her with a rock or a dazzling display of diamonds really can’t hurt! Do you need to go all out on the engagement ring? Of course not. It’s entirely up to you and your budget.

Here's some more information on choosing the perfect engagement ring. 

So what’s the wedding ring then? Well, also known as a wedding band, and to no surprise, it’s the ring that partners exchange on their wedding day. Styles can range from just the metal alone with no stones, or, should you choose to follow-up your engagement with an equally impressive wedding ring, there are many styles that also feature diamonds to truly compliment the engagement ring. Again, your wedding ring is a personal choice that suits your individual relationship.

Remember, that there’s no one way to go about it. Should you choose a plain and simple engagement ring and the same for the wedding ring, it shouldn’t matter to anyone else but you. Alternatively, who’s to say you can’t purchase both a lavish engagement and wedding ring to spoil your special someone. It purely depends on the experience you wish to share with your loved one and the legacy you wish to leave on your fingers.

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