Miracle, Halo, Illusion, Cluster, Bezel & Claw: 6 Timeless Diamond Settings You’ll Love

Miracle, Halo, Illusion, Cluster, Bezel & Claw: 6 Timeless Diamond Settings You’ll Love

Overwhelmed by the number of engagement ring choices? Bamboozled by the terms used on our diamond jewellery page? Simply keen to learn more about diamonds? Then this guide to diamond settings is for you.

When it comes to choosing the perfect piece, there are two key considerations: the quality of the diamonds, which can be determined by the 4 Cs: Cut, Colour, Clarity, and Carat, and by the way in which the diamonds are set.

Because the way your diamond is held and set will affect its overall brilliance, look and resistance to external elements. Read on to discover the main types of diamond settings now.

Miracle Settings

A miracle setting usually consists of a beautiful centrepiece diamond with a faceted, shiny miracle plate head surrounding it. This timeless style alters the diamond’s appearance, making it look larger or giving it a different shape.

Miracle heads will likely have a fluted or scalloped design that mimics the facets of the center stone. A miracle setting is widely regarded in the jewellery industry as a great value way to get more for your money.

Halo Settings

One incredibly stylish way to accentuate a miracle plate setting is with a ring of small accent diamonds. This is known as a halo setting. Halo settings are such a popular engagement ring choice because, just like the miracle plate itself, diamond halos make the ring and centre diamond appear larger.

Halo settings can either be designed with smaller pavé diamonds that are identical in shape and colour as the larger center stone they encircle, or contrasting shapes or colours that wonderfully show off the diamond and enhance the visual appeal of the ring.

Illusion Settings

Rings with illusion settings feature smaller diamonds, often princess cuts, set next to each other. As the name suggests, this timeless look gives the illusion of a larger diamond and is known to produce intricate, visually arresting designs.

Some jewellers use the terms ‘miracle’ and ‘illusion’ interchangeably, as both involve small diamonds that provide an illusion effect to make the diamonds look bigger than they actually are. However, illusion settings do not require a large centrepiece diamond. They can consist of, say, four diamonds in a square pattern.

Cluster Settings

Another aptly named diamond setting is the cluster setting, which features smaller diamonds set closely together to resemble a larger diamond. A cluster ring can contain a large centre stone or a group of stones of equal size.

Either way, cluster settings are beautiful pieces of diamond jewellery crafted from many smaller stones, with so many innovative shapes or designs that enhance the look of a ring. The result is a unique, head turning setting.

Bezel Settings

An extremely popular diamond setting is the bezel setting, in which a metal rim borders a central diamond and surrounds it in refined style. This setting gives diamond rings a modern look while also holding the diamond securely in place.

There are generally two types of bezel setting: a full bezel, which surrounds the diamond completely, and a partial/semi bezel, which leaves some parts of it exposed. Bezel settings can have straight or scalloped edges, and can feature contrasting colours like yellow gold to create a stunning finish.

Prong/Claw Settings

And finally, there’s the classic prong setting. This is arguably the most popular of all diamond settings as it showcases the diamond itself and allows more light to pass through the diamond for added brilliance.

Normally using four or six prongs to set a single diamond in a traditional mounting, this classic engagement ring setting is sometimes referred to as the claw setting as the prongs holding the diamond in place look like a claw.

Whatever diamond setting you choose, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting a truly special, once-in-a-lifetime diamond engagement ring, wedding band or fashionable diamond jewellery at Bevilles. Browse our on-trend collections today.


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