5 of the Most Dazzling Jewellery Trends of 2021

5 of the Most Dazzling Jewellery Trends of 2021

For many, 2020 was a challenging year, one we were happy to see the back of. But that didn’t mean that jewelers took a break. Far from it. The quality and diversity of jewellery was as strong as ever before.

And here at Bevilles, our expert team kept scouring the globe for on-trend pieces. From this, we’re pleased to report that the start of 2021 saw a plethora of amazing, wonderful jewellery trends. Here are a few of the best:

1. Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls and chic haven’t always gone hand in hand. In fact, for many in the fashion industry, pearls have long been considered a grandma’s favourite, confined to dusty jewellery boxes.

But in recent times, pearls have once again graced the fashion runways in the form of fabulous drop earrings, intricate necklaces, stunning bracelets and so much more.

Our radiant pearl collection includes all these latest looks. A great example are these silver, diamond infused, pearl drop earrings. Their distinguished open swirl pattern works wonders with any evening dress, and for virtually any occasion.

Elegance also abounds with our gorgeous silver freshwater pearl necklaces with halo design. This glamorous piece is at once on-trend and timeless, making for a wonderful gift idea or treat to yourself.

2. Chunky Statement Pieces

While understated, subtle jewellery remains as popular as ever, statement pieces are in this year. Perhaps it’s because we’ve been cooped up in lockdowns for so long. Or because it just feels so darn good to show off a bit of bling now and then.

Whatever the reason, 2021 is all about going big. And what better way to do that than with a bold, attention grabbing chain or a chunky diamond bracelet, which can be paired seamlessly with a casual ensemble as a designer dress.

Looking for inspiration? This Italian made 9ct rose gold bracelet featuring Belcher links and a bolt ring feature is a real standout. It’s similar to those rocked by Victoria Beckham, Hermès and other leading fashion labels this season.

3. Long Earrings & Pendant Necklaces

Another noticeable jewellery trend of 2021 spotted on the runways was the length of earrings and necklaces. We’re talking shoulder-tickling earrings and necklaces that drape gracefully past your naval.

Part of the reason is that these elongated versions of jewellery staples help frame your face while still providing such versatility that allows them to be worn day or night, making them a stunning addition to any jewellery collection.

Get a truly divine look with these 9ct yellow gold earrings that feature four long, dangling strands on each ear. They’ll dazzle as brightly as you, especially when accompanied with a block coloured tank top or tee in the warmer months.

For a versatile, affordable pendant necklace that ticks all the current trend boxes, don’t look past this gorgeous 65cm white pave crystal star necklace, which features a centre stone with perfect detailing that symbolises the eternal night sky.

4. Bangles are Back

While smooth, solid silver and gold bangles are a timeless accessory, some of the most eminent jewelers have taken to championing contemporary updates, providing textured, vibrant bangles that ooze class and instantly elevate any silhouette.

From thin, delicate, asymmetric bangles through to loud, statement bangles, our latest collection offers a diverse range of on-trend pieces for you to add to your collection.

See out 2021 in absolute style with this fabulous pave crystal bangle that features a beautiful multiple crossover design, inlaid throughout with stunning crystals. It’s a wonderful piece for any season and occasion.

Or if you’re looking for something truly special, consider this opulent 9ct white gold diamond bangle, designed with an incredible 2.25ct of diamonds in a plait crossover design. It’s a dream piece that’s so in vogue right now.

5. Spherical Shapes

From glorious Euro ball earrings to sterling silver ball-beaded bracelets and plenty in between, our final jewellery trend of 2021 is anything spherical shaped.

Whether the round shape reminds us of our dear planet earth or simply because the shape looks so good incorporated into all types of jewellery, spherical pieces are doing the rounds right now.

Combine this current trend with the long necklace trend (#3 in this list), thanks to our magnificent 9ct yellow gold necklace. Its 3 rows of beaded ball chains provide effortless chic allowing you to step out in on-trend confidence.

This pair of 9ct rose gold earrings is another trendy essential. Update your everyday look with their amazing Euro Ball design, and let them become an undeniable staple in your jewellery collection. Pair with your favourite skirt and top combo for casual perfection.

If you’re looking for inspiration, we invite you to visit one of our stores across Australia, where our experts can help you find the perfect piece.

Or browse these on-trend pieces, as well as so many timeless earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more at Bevilles, your one stop jewellery shop.

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