Yellow Gold Earrings

Dazzle and shine in Bevilles Australia’s collection of stunning yellow gold earrings. With a variety of elegant designs, you will find the perfect pieces to complement any outfit or special occasion.


Whether you are looking for drop hoop earrings that feature intricate detailing or gold studs encrusted with diamonds – we have the option to suit all tastes and budgets.


Our selection is crafted from quality materials, so no matter which pair of yellow gold earrings you choose, you can be sure it's designed to last. So why not add a touch of sophistication by treating yourself (or your loved ones) today?

Buying Guide for Yellow Gold Earrings: What to Look For?

When it comes to finding the right pair of yellow gold earrings, there are a few key factors you should consider. To make sure you find the perfect earrings to suit your style, here are some tips:


Choose a Design: First, think about the design you prefer. Do you want drop hoop earrings with simple lines or something more intricate? Maybe gold studs set with brilliant diamonds? Or perhaps hoop huggie to add impact?  Think carefully and decide which design will work best for you.


Choose a Quality: Make sure the earrings are crafted from quality materials, such as 14K or 18k gold and genuine diamonds for added sparkle. This is important to ensure your yellow gold earrings stand the test of time.


At Bevilles Australia, all our yellow-gold earrings are created with the highest quality materials, so you can be sure they will stand the test of time and look as good as new.


Shop our selection today to find the perfect pair!


How to Wear Yellow Gold Earrings for Every Occasion?

Yellow gold earrings can be worn any day of the week! Here are some tips on how to work this versatile accessory into your wardrobe, no matter what style or occasion:


Casual Look: For a relaxed and modern look, simply pair yellow gold studs with a t-shirt and jeans. This look is perfect for everyday wear and will add a subtle touch of sophistication to your outfit.


Formal Look: For an elegant and refined look, choose yellow gold hoop earrings or drop earrings. This will instantly elevate any formal ensemble and is sure to make you stand out from the crowd.


Office Look: To keep it professional yet stylish at the office, choose a pair of yellow gold studs or small hoops. This look is classic and timeless and will go with any office attire.


Night Out: For an evening out, make sure you shine with a pair of statement earrings. Choose from our selection of huggie hooped earrings (with diamonds for extra sparkle) to add impact to your outfit and be the belle of the ball!


No matter what style or occasion, Bevilles Australia has the perfect range of yellow-gold earrings to suit any taste. Shop now and enjoy free shipping on orders over $100!


Or come in-store and let one of our experienced staff help you find the right accessory for you.  We look forward to seeing you soon.